Leeds fans are right we’re not West Ham anymore and it is all thanks to miracle man David Moyes and his staff.

West Ham welcomed 9,000 Leeds fans to the London Stadium on Sunday for the FA Cup third round clash the Hammers won at a canter.

And the visitors took great delight in telling West Ham what they thought of our 60,000 strong support and the London Stadium.

West Ham United v Leeds United: The Emirates FA Cup Third Round
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Among the chants directed at West Ham fans by Leeds supporters was ‘You’re not West Ham anymore’.

The sentiment was mirrored online with Leeds fans seemingly obsessed with pointing out all the London Stadium’s many faults.

In terms of the stadium, you have to ask have Leeds fans been living under a rock for the last five years? We know all about the stadium’s warts. We’ve been protesting and venting our spleens about them en masse ever since we moved to the former Olympic Stadium in Stratford for goodness sake.

And Leeds fans are right we’re not West Ham anymore, we’re the new and improved version. And that’s all thanks to Moyes and his staff.

West Ham United v Leeds United - Premier League
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Yes West Ham will never replace their beloved Upton Park. Just like the Emirates was never going to replace Highbury.

But not being West Ham anymore? In terms of our history of being a flaky, inconsistent team lurching from one crisis to another and being run like a circus? Yes we’re not West Ham anymore.

As Leeds have found out to their cost every time they have played us in the last 18 months, West Ham are now a genuine European outfit capable of competing on all fronts.

West Ham United v Leeds United: The Emirates FA Cup Third Round
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Leeds fans are right we’re not West Ham anymore thanks to David Moyes

Indeed until a recent 2-0 defeat to Arsenal, West Ham were officially the most competitive team in Europe’s top five leagues over the last two years having not lost by more than a single goal in any competition for over 40 games.


Moyes has transformed the club, stating early on – and frequently since – his desire to rid West Ham of their flaky tag and create a young, hungry, durable, resilient, competitive outfit who do not roll over and have their bellies tickled anywhere outside the Watford Gap.

This is West Ham 2.0 – and it has been long overdue.

West Ham United v Leeds United: The Emirates FA Cup Third Round
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It seems Leeds fans are a touch jealous perhaps? After all everyone hailed Marcelo Bielsa’s side as the new Leeds.

But here they are again fighting to stay in the Premier League while West Ham are looking forward to the last 16 of the Europa League and are challenging for a Champions League spot.

Oh yes and they’re still in the FA Cup too thanks to the win over them at the bowl – see we call it the bowl because we know it’s not a proper football stadium – on Sunday.

West Ham United v Leeds United: The Emirates FA Cup Third Round
(Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images)

And as for our support not being any good. It was kids for a quid on Sunday, a reward for supporters who have been over land and sea following the club in the 30-odd matches West Ham have played already this season. A chance for supporters to go to the game with their families and young kids.

So it was a different atmosphere. But despite all the issues and grievances fans have with the stadium, we still pack it out and create a raucous noise when it comes to the crunch, despite having gone over 40 years without a major trophy.

Criticising West Ham’s support is almost laughable. The Hammers boast one of the most fiercely loyal fanbases around, selling out home and away season in, season out even in the Championship.

Can someone get the Leeds fans some sour grapes to go with their pint of bitter.

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