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David Moyes F-bomb after West Ham defeat wasn't hilarious it was a deflection tactic from a man under pressure


David Moyes F-bomb after West Ham defeat wasn't hilarious it was a deflection tactic from a man under pressure

The David Moyes F-bomb after West Ham United’s latest defeat wasn’t hilarious it was a deflection tactic from a man under pressure.

When Moyes chose to ridicule a member of the press after West Ham’s defeat to Everton it was reported as ‘hilarious’ by a host of media outlets.

But in actual fact the moment makes for particularly uncomfortable viewing.

A reporter posing questions to Moyes at the start of his post Everton presser referred to the West Ham boss as ‘Moyesey’.

“Moyesy! F-ing hell! I don’t think we’re that close,” was Moyes’ response as laughed and waited for the others gathered in the press conference to join him.

Photo by Robbie Jay Barratt – AMA/Getty Images

Most didn’t, leading to the Hammers boss then rather awkwardly offering a throwaway summary of what he had just seen from his under-performing West Ham side.

Of course we don’t want our managers and players to behave like robots. So we should not castigate them when they show a bit of personality.

But the Moyes F-bomb after this West Ham defeat wasn’t hilarious, it was a deflection tactic from a man under pressure.

And we have seen it before from the Scot.

David Moyes F-bomb after West Ham defeat wasn’t hilarious it was a deflection tactic from a man under pressure

At Sunderland, Moyes was heavily criticised, forced to apologise and charged by the FA over sexist comments he made to BBC reporter Vicki Sparks.

The then under pressure Sunderland manager told Sparks after a post-match interview that she might “get a slap”.

The FA alleged that the remarks were “improper and/or threatening and/or brought the game into disrepute”.

There is no suggestion Moyes has crossed any such lines with his post Everton F-bomb. And this is no Moyes witch-hunt.

But what was abundantly clear from the brief exchange is that, having spent £170m beefing up West Ham’s squad with arguably unprecedented levels of strength in depth, Moyes is feeling the heat.

Yes the reporter was a touch unprofessional and over-familiar, of that there is no doubt.

But it is clear Moyes used it to his advantage, deflecting from what was a fifth defeat in West Ham’s opening seven games while also serving as something of a barbed warning to the rest of the gathered journalists over the line of questioning that might follow.

The truth is Moyes had few answers that were any different to previous press conferences and interviews.

The Scot is sounding like something of a broken record as he repeatedly states he likes ‘bits and pieces’ of what he is seeing from his new-look West Ham side.

Moyes has not faced this line of questioning during his time at West Ham as – for the most part – it has nearly always been positive and looking up.

West Ham go into October in the relegation zone and their points per game ratio over the last 10 months is in the bottom three of the league with just 37 from 34.

Moyes has plenty of credit in the bank and undoubtedly deserves time to turn things around after dragging West Ham up by their bootstraps and making them a genuine European outfit.

Rumours he faces the sack have been denied and that would seem a rather peculiar move from the owners anyway after backing the manager with eight new signings.

For West Ham fans feeling thoroughly fed up at the team’s complete drop off in form and results over the last 10 months, the F-bomb moment was not deemed ‘hilarious’.

Photo by James Gill – Danehouse/Getty Images

It was very much a sign West Ham’s previously Teflon manager is feeling some strain.

A jam-packed October offers Moyes the chance to get this West Ham side firing again and putting some sort of run together.

But make no mistake, the situation the Hammers find themselves in is far from funny.

And Moyes must be careful he does not become the butt of the joke in the near future.

Some West Ham fans are starting to turn and have doubts. And Moyes will need all the friends he can get in the press box if things don’t improve drastically at the London Stadium.


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