Some West Ham United fans want their campaign to drive out David Sullivan, David Gold and Karren Brady to hit the high notes.

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Quite literally.

A growing number of West Ham fans have been campaigning for co-owners Sullivan, Gold and their vice-chairman Brady to leave.

The campaign GSBOUT (Gold, Sullivan, Brady Out) has often trended on social media.

Right now, on the pitch West Ham are looking as good as they have done for five years.

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GSBOUT not going away for Sullivan, Gold and Brady

But that does not appear to have changed attitudes towards the West Ham hierarchy.

Indeed one of the mottos of the GSBOUT movement is ‘Support the team, not the regime’.

The list of grievances is long. And it appears the relationship is beyond repair.

Much of the resentment stems from the club’s decision to leave West Ham’s beloved Upton Park for the London Stadium and a host of broken promises along the way.

It seems West Ham fans are not the only ones angry with the way their club is run, though.

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Valencia fans hire band to pester unpopular owners

Over in Spain, Valencia supporters continue to campaign for owner Peter Lim to sell up.

Fans have become increasingly disenchanted with the running of the club since Lim took over in 2015.

He has been through seven managers in that time and sold four key players in the summer without replacing them.

Valencia fans – like West Ham’s – had been protesting outside their stadium.

But like with Hammers United’s own protests at West Ham, that has not been possible since the outbreak of the pandemic.


Valencia supporters have come up with an inventive way to keep the pressure on instead – by hiring a mariachi band to follow their directors around the city.

In pictures and videos posted by Libertad VCF on Twitter, a mariachi band can be seen playing music while directors Kim Koh and Joey Lim sat a cafe.

The officials tried to lose the musicians but were followed all the way into Valencia’s offices.

Having seen the unique way of getting the message across to owners, some West Ham fans have floated the idea of doing something similar for GSB.

The Valencia story has been widely shared among West Ham fans on WhatsApp and social media.

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‘A trumpet band dressed as clown playing the circus theme on repeat’

And some have suggested the GSBOUT campaign adopts a similar approach, with clowns playing circus music instead.

At least for Valencia supporters they have not moved to a stadium many of them detest.

But on the flip side, while Sullivan and Gold have not always shown the kind of ambition West Ham fans expected following the move, the club does appear to be a lot better run than Valencia.

David Moyes is doing an excellent job. And West Ham seem to be heading in the right direction.

Who knows, if the team continues to hit the right notes on the pitch perhaps it will expedite the potential takeover West Ham fans crave.

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