The Evening Standard have claimed that Karren Brady is visiting the West Ham United training ground more regularly than ever before.

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The Hammers vice-chairman is far from a popular figure at the London Stadium.

Brady’s bizarre takes in her regular column for the Sun have been a major bone of contention amongst the West Ham fans.

The Hammers fanbase have been lied to on a regular basis by Brady, David Sullivan and David Gold as well.

There have been promises made to the fans over the past five years with absolutely nothing done to ensure that they would be fulfilled.

Karren Brady (Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The move to the London Stadium from Upton Park was supposed to coincide with a new era of success. That obviously hasn’t happened.

We, as West Ham fans don’t expect the world. We don’t expect our team to win week-in week-out. But when we are told that our club is moving to an arena that will be the ‘best football stadium’ in England, we expect that to end up being the case.


It is what it is. Things aren’t all bad, however…

Karren Brady taking more of a day-to-day interest in West Ham

West Ham are enjoying a wonderfully successful campaign this term and David Moyes’s return to the club has definitely helped get us back on the right track.

It seems as though Karren Brady is making an effort to turn things around as well.

Karren Brady (Photo by Arfa Griffiths/West Ham United via Getty Images)

The Evening Standard have claimed that the Hammers vice-chairman is visiting the club’s training ground more than she has ever done before.

Perhaps that’s a sign that Brady is working closer with Moyes and his staff to set and achieve long-term goals?

Who knows. Let’s hope Brady isn’t interfering in the football aspect of things.

The Hammers are definitely on the right track. And things at the club seem to be a lot more harmonious than they ever have been before.

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