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Ray Winstone insists West Ham fans will feel differently about the London Stadium when they return
Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Ray Winstone insists West Ham fans will feel differently about the London Stadium when they return

Celebrity West Ham United fan Ray Winstone insists his fellow supporters will feel differently about the London Stadium when they eventually return.

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Over four years on from leaving Upton Park, West Ham fans are growing increasingly bitter rather than settled at the London Stadium.

Granted only 2,000 Hammers fans have not been in their new home since February.

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Stadium move sits at the heart of West Ham fan resentment towards owners

But West Ham supporters will probably never get over leaving their beloved Boleyn.

Not until the new ground is fit for purpose and seats are brought closer to the pitch anyway.

West Ham have moved to try and improve the matchday experience over the last two seasons.

But broken promises over the move to the former Olympic Stadium sit at the very heart of resentment between protesting Hammers fans and the owners David Sullivan, David Gold and their vice-chairman Karren Brady.

The pressure has eased on the owners thanks to West Ham’s best start to a season for five years.

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Winstone insists fellow Hammers will feel differently when they return

Movie and TV star Winstone has followed West Ham all his life.

And has gone against the grain, insisting fans will feel differently about the ground under this new-look David Moyes side when they eventually return (talkSPORT).

“I tell you when it’s full and we’re playing well (ot’s fantastic),” Winstone told talkSPORT.

“You see people were moaning about the stadium early doors because we weren’t playing well.

“You know there wasn’t a lot of heart there (in the performances). But once we’re playing well like we are now, we’re trying and the team seems to be happy I think you’ll see a difference with the atmosphere there, I think it will be fantastic.”

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Fans would be buzzing but Winstone misses the point

Winstone is right that the atmosphere would be great at the stadium given West Ham’s excellent start.

And in many ways it is a shame – and sod’s law – that the Hammers are enjoying their best season for years at a time when fans can’t be there to enjoy it.

But he also misses the point that supporters will never forgive the owners for broken promises made when it came to leaving Upton Park.

The trust has gone.

Sullivan and Gold can only rebuild it by making fundamental changes to the stadium to make it a proper football ground.

Bringing the seats closer to the pitch is not beyond the will of man. It may prove costly, but West Ham fans deserve a home they can be proud of.

And the owners should have kept the money from the sale of Upton Park to offset any big changes needed at the new ground.

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