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Karren Brady labelled a 'sporting disaster capitalist' as journalist savages West Ham owners again
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Karren Brady labelled a 'sporting disaster capitalist' as journalist savages West Ham owners again

West Ham United’s under fire owners are feeling the heat once again.

West Ham fans have been protesting against David Sullivan, David Gold and vice-chairman Karren Brady this season.

The protests have been joined by growing numbers of disaffected Hammers supporters.

They are fed up with how West Ham has been run for the last decade under the trio.

Another protest was planned before next month’s home game against Burnley.

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Brady causes a stir with ‘null and void’ declaration

That was before the Premier League shut down until April 4th at the earliest along with most of the sporting calendar – a date which is inevitably going to be extended for some time to come.

West Ham CEO Brady wrote in The Sun that the only fair thing to do would be to make the 2019/20 campaign null and void.

That would deny Liverpool a first title for 30 years. And – as cynics were quick to point out – it would also save West Ham from potential relegation.

It would also – among a plethora of other things – deny Leeds United a long-awaited return to the top tier.

It’s no exaggeration to say Brady has been savaged for her views. That is despite vast numbers of fans across the country actually agreeing with her.

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Hammers owners well used to criticism

West Ham’s board are well used to criticism. But they have also threatened action against those criticising them unfairly.

Sky Sports were threatened with legal action by Sullivan and Gold over comments made about their tenure – by Guardian journalist Jonathan Liew and others – on the Sunday Supplement show (Daily Mail).

Liew was lauded by some Hammers fans for broadcasting their dissatisfaction with the owners to a wider audience.

And he has been at it again.

This time Liew wrote in The Guardian that Brady and others were ‘sporting disaster capitalists’.

And he referred to Sullivan and Gold as the ‘dildo brothers’ in reference to their sex industry pasts.

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Journalist takes another pop at ‘dildo siblings’

“At a time when it feels like the very terms of our lives are being renegotiated by the day, we should be vigilant of those who see in the crumbling of our social and economic norms an unprecedented opportunity to advance ideas that may, in less turbulent times, be taboo,” Liew wrote in The Guardian.

“What might this look like in sporting terms? Perhaps, in the first instance, it could look like the sort of naked opportunism being advanced by the West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady in her Sun column on Saturday. “As games in both the Premier League and in the EFL are affected,” Brady dictates to her ghostwriter, “the only fair and reasonable thing to do is declare the whole season null and void…

“If we’re rewriting the past, why stop there? Given their ignominious history, West Ham must wish they could declare the past four decades of English football null and void.

“Setting aside for one moment the crassness of engaging in sporting politics at a time when people are dying by the thousand, you had to marvel at the simple and transparent ineptitude at work here. As a star of The Apprentice, Brady must know the first rule of negotiation: never show your full hand. And yet, if sporting administration were composed entirely of galaxy brains like Brady’s, we could probably rest easy. Alas, when it comes to Machiavellian chicanery, it’s highly likely the ham-fisted manoeuvrings of east London’s dildo siblings are just the tip of the iceberg.”