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There is no love lost between West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur but could that relationship be given the ultimate test.

After it emerged Tottenham Hotspur may need a third home ground this season some eyes have been on West Ham United and the London Stadium.

Tottenham could be forced to find a “third home ground” to host their match against Manchester City on October 28, according to Sky Sports.

It comes after Spurs announced on Monday that the opening of their new 62,000-seater stadium had been delayed until at least October because of safety concerns.

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Brady and the fans say no, but could that change?

Twickenham has ruled itself out of the equation for the North Londoners and Wembley is already in use that weekend.

Spurs went head-to-head with the Hammers for rights to the Olympic Stadium.

West Ham won that battle.

Karren Brady has previously made it clear Spurs would not be welcome to groundshare.

And reading fans forums and social media it is clear neither set of supporters are keen on the idea.


Spurs fans say they wouldn’t want to while Hammers supporters insist they don’t want them.

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Logic and money over tribalism?

But if – as looks to be the case here – it is a one-off problem could it soften that tribalism?
The Hammers are away at Leicester that weekend and it is close and easily accessible for Spurs fans.

West Ham could also make some money from the situation.  Money West Ham could use to their benefit.

And we all know money usually talks. Especially in football.
So how would Hammers fans feel about their fierce rivals moving in?
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