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What Karren Brady has said previously about West Ham groundshare with Spurs at London Stadium
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What Karren Brady has said previously about West Ham groundshare with Spurs at London Stadium

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After it emerged Tottenham Hotspur may need a third home ground this season some eyes have been on West Ham United and the London Stadium.

Rival supporters still feel aggrieved at the deal West Ham got when taking up anchor tenancy of the former Olympic Stadium.

Indeed Spurs went head-to-head with the Hammers for the stadium.

West Ham won that battle.

Whether that was a good thing for the club or not given some supporters’ displeasure with the move is open to debate.

But could the question of West Ham groundsharing the London Stadium with Spurs now be on the agenda?

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Could London Stadium be Tottenham’s third home?

Tottenham could be forced to find a “third home ground” to host their match against Manchester City on October 28, according to Sky Sports.

Spurs announced on Monday that the opening of their new 62,000-seater stadium had been delayed until at least October because of safety concerns.

The club also confirmed that home matches against Liverpool on September 15 and Cardiff on October 6 had been switched to Wembley, along with the NFL game between Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders.

But Wembley is already booked for an NFL fixture on the weekend of the City game.

Twickenham have ruled themselves out of the equation while the Premier League will refuse to switch the City fixture as it would leave the champions with three consecutive away games to finish the season.

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Logic stacks up but Brady has been clear in past

With a 60,000 capacity the London Stadium is certainly fit for purpose for Spurs.

And distance would not be an issue either.

West Ham are also playing Leicester away from home that weekend, which means the London Stadium would be free.

At present the stadium issue is being presented as a one-off dilemma.

But Tottenham’s hopes of using West Ham’s ground look bleak .

That’s based on what vice-chairman Karren Brady has said on the matter in the past.

‘It depends who it is, if you catch my drift’

“In reality they probably could – but only with our permission,” Brady told the Evening Standard back in 2014 when asked if another club could move in.

“No-one has asked us for our permission and if they did we would probably say no, depending on who it is – if you get my drift.

“We are the anchor tenant for the winter matches.

“And nothing else can happen in that time without our permission and our football matches take priority over everything else.

“If there are events at the stadium we have approved we do not see any of the revenue from that.”

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But could money talk?

Good news for Hammers fans?

That will be reassuring for West Ham fans.

But many take what Brady says with a pinch of salt.

That’s after a string of what fans feel have been broken promises regarding the stadium move.

And could the extra revenue prove appealing to West Ham and the stadium operators E20?

Tottenham have until August 30 to clarify their stadium situation with UEFA. That is when the group stage draw for the Champions League and fixture list will be made in Monaco.