Manchester United, as we know are not interested in their midfielder, whose talent is not rated one bit and never seems to be given any good positive feedback. Well if Manchester United don’t want the star in their midfield, then West Ham United can be the ones to give this player the games he needs to get into big form, and to carry on the deliveries he can give our new strikers we might have in the 2013/2014 season. As we all know we have recently just been awarded the Olympic Stadium, and we are looking to move into the Olympic Stadium at the start of the 2016/2017 season. With this move we can really attract big players and we should try to persuade Anderson from Manchester United with our goals and our aims in football. We could build the team around him and he can be our first big player that could bring us glory and supply those vital deliveries into the box to our strikers, that we are always lacking. Anderson Luis de Abreu Oliveira who was born on the 13th of April 1988 has played a total of 98 games for the Manchester club so far, and you can see that he has some talent but never seems to get praised. Most of the time he might make mistakes but this is only noticeable because he has a squad full of big stars around him. When he plays, most of the time he will play some amazing balls into the box or switch to the flanks but maybe his type of football is not suited to the Manchester United way.
I feel that with the deliveries and type of crosses he brings to the field, he can really benefit the way we play at the moment . This is because we are currently playing a long ball game. A game that he could be suited to with his passing ability. I really do believe that he could become a very good player and turn into West Hams biggest player if we train him right and get him to play how he wants to play. At FC Porto he wasn’t a defensive player or a central midfielder, he was more of a centre forward playing behind the striker. This could be why he is not performing as he’s not in his natural position. He might also be getting forced to play in a position that he might not want to be played in. When he played in the FIFA under 17 World Cup he was awarded the Golden Ball award for player of the tournament. This means he could be waiting to release his real inner talent as he wants to be played and he needs to be getting games, to actually get into form and playing his best football. You can see he wants to play football, but he can’t get in Manchester United’s team as it’s too good and there are better, younger players coming through the ranks of the Manchester club. He could really provide decent deliveries into the box that we need to score goals. As we know we have been lacking the finishing and creativity in the opposition’s box.  Not only can he cross and provide vital key balls, but he can also shoot. On his good days he can really produce some unstoppable finishes.
As we know he scored a belter in the Manchester United v Newcastle on the 26th of September this season. This is the type of strength that we need in our midfield. Anderson could really become a vital player at West Ham United and he could be available this summer for under £10m. This could prove to be a bargain if he regains his footballing form and starts to play like he did at FC Porto.