Redmond VS Townsend who would you prefer at the club?

With the season now over, transfer news will be dominating the headlines with some clubs looking to do business early and some wanting to be the transfer saga of the summer. It has been well documented that West Ham are looking for a striker so for this article, I am looking into two wingers that West Ham have been linked to and seeing which is the best fit for the club.

Let’s start with Nathan Redmond. This guy has been on my own personal radar for a while now and previously I have said that West Ham need to sign him. He played ok at Birmingham at the start of his career and has kicked on a bit at Norwich and with their relegation; the best players will want to leave. A friend of mine who supports Norwich really rates him and says he is the best player in the team with his pace and his ability to find space. Plus being only 22, he has years left to prove himself to the West Ham faithful.

Now let’s look at Andros Townsend. Before you say anything, I know he is ex spurs but so was Bobby Zamora and look what happened to him at our club. Townsend was a victim of the loan system early in his career and shone for a few years at Spurs before he fell out of favour and moved to Newcastle. Fair play to Townsend for going there cause he wanted first team football but honestly right now, he is too good to be playing Championship football next season. His pace, stamina and eye for a cross are all amazing and let’s not forget that free kick against Palace which even I admit, I celebrated. Also he is a proven England international who can develop being he is only 24.

In conclusion, I find it very tough to pick between the two wingers as on reflection, both men have strong cases to join the hammers. If I had to pick I would choose Townsend as he has proven himself in the Premier League for longer than Redmond has and I feel his overall game is better than Redmond’s at the current time.