What comes next? The club has is going through a rough period where no one involved has been happy and we didn’t expect the transfer window to make that all better. However we have managed a couple of signings that I think fans can be happy with. I’ve mentioned before that February can make or break the season, with 4 games that we can potentially win even though that is unlikely to happen but we have to try and stay and positive.

There are a few positives that we can take from the club at the moment, Sam said in his press conference this week that Joe Cole is the only injured player and I honestly cannot remember the last time we only had one player injured so hopefully that should give the club a boost. Especially once Reid is back and Carroll is back playing nearly a full game every week, but them two alone can’t save everything. When Reid is back it makes us a lot more stable at the back and hopefully we can play the preferred back four of Reid, Tonks, Demel and McCartney or O’Brien, its definitely an area that needs improving but that’s what we have for now, even though I think Chambers should be playing at right back.

Our two new Italian signings could be very good for the team. I’m sure they both want a place in the World Cup squad so should be willing to put a lot of effort in, which is more than we can say for the likes of Diame and Morrison at the moment. Borriello is a striker that we have been linked with in the last few transfer windows, so I think the club will be very happy to have him. I haven’t seen him play but I’m sure he’s better than Maiga and Cole, but it doesn’t take much to be better than them. He seems passionate and ready to prove himself which is good. Nocerino also seems very talented and ready to work hard for the squad and I think he is definitely the best signing this window, he can score goals and put effort which is something that we haven’t seen much of this season from the midfield apart from Noble and Nolan sometimes.