“It could just fall to Carlton Cole … VAZ TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
After singing from Barnsley just over a year ago, he lit Upton Park, and added that bit of flair. He was a great capture, and he scored many goals to take us back up to the league we belong in. However, lately, this hasn’t been the case.
Since our promotion to the premier league, Vaz Te has been one of our most woeful players this season. He is wasteful, lazy, and cares more about his hair cut … just as well he’s now got a skin head.
When he is on the ball I seem to think something good is about to follow, maybe a bit of skill, a deadly cross, or a lethal shot. But, as of late, this has not been the case. His final ball has been absolutely dreadful.
We are so lucky that we have two decent wingers in Matt Jarvis and Joe Cole; or we could be in trouble. However, we have no back-up for these positions apart from Matt Taylor and Vaz Te. Both of whom have been awful all season, and will most likely face the chop come summer.
If we want to achieve a successful position come the end of the season, we will need to keep our first choice wingers fit and healthy, or we could be doomed.
As good as he was in the championship last season; I just don’t feel that he can cut it in the premier league. To me, Vaz Te seems to be a player that pulls something magic out of the bag every so often, but realistically, it looks like it’ll happen every ten games at the moment. If that!
I am not having a rant about the team as I feel we have performed remarkably as of yet, however, I feel that there are some that positions are essentially to be strengthened come summer.
In my opinion Tom Ince (yes sorry, we all hate Paul but … this aint Paul is it!) should be signed and Vaz Te should be offloaded.
I think that Vaz Te would be more suited to Stoke or Reading rather than the mighty hammers!
Tom Ince holds bags of potential and looks one for the future; I reckon we could pick him up for around £4 million, maybe 5. Bit of a bargain since United got Zaha for £15 mil.
At the moment, many of us notice the weak points of our team, and Vaz Te is without doubt one of them, alongside Gary O’Neil and Matthew Taylor.
Yes his goal got us promoted but that doesn’t mean he isn’t poor! That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get rid of him! If Piqiuonne scored that goal would you offer him a new contact?! Exactly, case closed.