With the summer transfer window and the end of the season fast approaching there are two players with uncertain futures at Upton Park.

The first will be most difficult to decide on, Alex Song. Whether fans want him to stay or not depends on if you’re talking about the Alex Song from August to December, this player was incredible. He controlled and dominated the midfield, made tackles and was the difference between getting a result or not. This became most apparent in the game against Manchester City where he out played what was regarded as the best midfield in the league with the likes of Yaya Toure.

However from December to now he has been like a different player, sloppy on the ball, incredibly slow in possession which cost goals and in games like Spurs away giving away a penalty that was completely unnecessary. Whether Kane dived on not it doesn’t matter because Song have him the opportunity to and Cresswell was there to deal with Kane if it came to it. There have been many theories on the dip in form and some are more sensible than others. Of course it’s not just him that’s disappointing it’s the whole squad however if you were to focus on just Song there may be another reason. He hasn’t played a full season in a couple of season and to go from playing the odd 20/30 minutes here and there he is expected to play 90 minutes every single week. What is encouraging about Song is when the squad went to Dubai he stayed at the training ground and worked on fitness as he recognised his significant dip in form. The saying goes ‘form is temporary class is permanent’ but can West Ham afford to spend a large chunk of their budget on someone who’s seen to be inconsistent?

The second player isn’t as complicated. Carl Jenkinson has been a massive part in the success this season and as well as his attacking credentials in previous weeks he’s shown a fantastic range of defensive skills. Whether the price be 10 million or 6 million he is definitely a player West Ham need to go all out to buy.