So West Ham’s marmite player has returned on a three month contract to cover the injured Andy Carroll who we hope won’t be out too much longer. I’ve never been one to sing his praises and I’m certainly not going to start now. I’m not overly happy that he’s back he’s just not the quality he need and we can’t rely on him to score every game. We need our squad to be improving not bringing back a player that couldn’t find a club elsewhere.
Yes when he does score they can be great goals and certainly vital, I don’t think any west ham fan will ever forget his goal in the championship play-off final. So he has scored some impressive goals and you can’t deny that but at this standard the excuse he’s always been so loyal, which even though he has just isn’t good enough. Loyalty doesn’t score goals.
At the end of the day I want West Ham to do as well as they possibly can so I hope if he starts to play a lot of games for whatever reason, he scores regular goals and that will be great and good for the club but I’m not holding my breath at the moment . One thing is for sure is that he will put more effort in than Maiga so that can only be an improvement even if it’s small. I think what every West Ham fan wants is Andy Carroll back but we can’t rush him, from what I’ve seen on twitter he’s doing well and shouldn’t be as long as we first thought when he got injured again but we’re coming off a fantastic result that West Ham will remember forever to face a City that haven’t been great of recent games, so I feel we might be able to get something out of the game on Saturday at home with the fans and positive attitude, I’ve got high hopes.