Will we ever see our Brazilian January loan signing in the Hammers first team? That is a question on everyone’s minds at the moment as our strikers continue to turn into the prolific strikers we want. Paulista came from Brazil with a reputation for scoring goals, something West Ham need at the moment right?
Some people are questioning why Big Sam would bring in a striker if he didn’t intend to even give him a go, but we may now know the answer. Our co-chairmans son Jack Sullivan yesterday told us he was one of his dads picks when asked by a supporter why he wasn’t in the squad. He also mentions his dad isn’t particularly happy with Big Sams choice to not give him a chance, but can you blame Sam?
This is something I have never been fond of, the owners of a football club purchasing/loaning players that the Manager isn’t keen on or doesn’t want. Though, I’m sure it happens at quite a few clubs. The thing that gets me most is our apparent dire financial circumstances yet the owners go and get a player which Sam doesn’t want and now isn’t playing him. Money down the drain? We’re obviously paying something for him, would we not be better saving that money for when Sam wants us to pursue a player?
Somehow I don’t think we will ever see him grace the famous claret and blue. You have to remember Sam picks the team and if he doesn’t want him he’s not going to play.