As the January transfer window is about one and half months away, I put it to you, if we had to decide now whether to buy Andy Carroll in this window, has he done enough to justify paying £17 M for him?
Without letting my heart rule my head and based solely on cold hard facts, I do not believe he has done enough up to now to command such a high transfer fee. As business men first and football fans second, I cannot see how Messrs Gold and Sullivan can make a business decision to part with such a large amount of cash for someone that has not quite realised his perceived potential.Please do not think that I do not appreciate or understand what Carroll has done for the Hammers since he has arrived, because I do. Carroll has helped improve the teams confidence and morale. He also works hard and causes mayhem for the opposition’s defence. But, is this really enough evidence to convince our board to pay out such a huge fee for him?Just some food for thought. If Carroll continues playing as he is now, should we strengthen our squad buying a couple of players, rather than spend £17M on one?
During the period between now and the transfer window, which incidentally is our hardest run of games, this is the time, in my opinion, when Carroll needs to prove his true worth.From the fans point of view, and I count myself in this category, we enjoy watching Carroll play as he always gives 100% for the team. He is the type of full-blooded, honest player we love at the Boleyn Ground. However, would I pay £17M for him? I am not convinced that I would. If it were your own money on the line, would you sign the cheque?
The option to by Carroll is not open to us until the summertime, so the questions posed in this article are hypothetical. However, come the summer, this could prove a real conundrum for the board.