Recently rumours were confirmed by the Chairman’s son that Ricardo Vaz Te has handed in a written transfer request. Not only is this unsurprising it is also entirely justified in my opinion. Vaz Te has talent, there is no doubt in my mind that that is the truth. But his approach to the game very often leaves a lot to be desired. He lacks effort and dedication, I noticed in his first season for us that he doesn’t take any notice in the warm up, while effortlessly jogging on the spot he makes the likes of James Collins seem like a gazelle prancing about the dusty plains of Africa. I never recognised any dedication from him, even when we were in the Championship.
We will always be grateful to Ricardo for his spirit shown in the playoff final to score the winner and send us into the Premier League but at the end of the day I wish someone like Carlton Cole who was dedicated had have scored it. Throughout that season, Vaz Te didn’t seem to care, before, during or after games. When subbed he never claps the fans and decides to throw a fit and drags his feet in a manner resembling a spoilt child. Last season he didn’t show anything to make me feel like he is Premier League standard. He hasn’t earned his place in the side and I hope he understands this. Either he finds a new club or he will have to start preparing for life warming the bench, I honestly never saw what Allardyce saw in Vaz Te. He has never made an effort for his team, our fans have overrated him on numerous occasions.
I am frustrated that we have not brought another forward in as Maiga and Vaz Te both appear to be unfit for Premier League. After handing in a request, now the window has closed Vaz has even more to prove in my opinion. I feel that he needs to earn his place and prove that we would have missed him if he’d have left us. I can see him making a return on the wing due to Downing and Cole’s injury problems. Lets pray that Ricardo is better for this experience and will start putting a shift in!
Thank you, Come on you irons!