It’s nice to finally see all the praise for Ravel he’s been great and scored that amazing goal against spurs. Being so young and so good we do have to be careful it doesn’t go to his head and I think Sam and our experienced players like Noble and Nolan can do that. He’s come a long way already this season, but what about when January comes around?
The £19 million price that has been hovering around him would be a good sum of money for West Ham and I’m sure there will be teams interested. In a time when footballers have been called overpriced (not including Andy Carroll because I think we paid the right amount for him) at such a young age is it fair to put such a big price on him? No I just think it’s going to put him under more pressure. He’s been in the limelight for a few weeks now with a lot of people saying how good he is going to be. The key word being ‘going’ he’s amazing now but not near his peak so he’s going to keep getting better and his price is that much already?
But what if a big team did come in for him in January I don’t think any West Ham fan would be happy to see him go and I can imagine there would be quite a lot of outrage. So as footballers are so expensive at the moment what could we get if we did sell him for that much, a backup striker that can actually score, but who? And a reserve centre back if Collins and Tonks were both injured. Both I think we really need and have to aim for in January whatever happens, so if offers did come in for him who would they be from? And who could we spend the money on?
I don’t want to see him go and I don’t think he will but with a price tag like that could the owners be tempted? Work defiantly needs to be done in January but will we have to money to do it?