It has been widely reported that West Ham have contacted the top 5 clubs in the Premier League and asked them to create a list of all the players that would be available to take on loan. So here is five suggestions that I would like to see West Ham attempt to sign on loan.
I would be over the moon if we managed to get Lukaku on loan from Chelsea. Could you imagine having Carroll up front with the option to bring on Lukaku. However, Lukaku has come out and said that at this current moment in time, he is fully focused on Chelsea but he has also said that football is football and anything can happen. Plus I would imagine that Lukaku would prefer to stay in London. It’s something that could happen near the end of the window.
Another player I would happily take on loan from Chelsea is Demba Ba. He hasn’t reached his potential at Chelsea compared to what he achieved at Newcastle when he was scoring for fun. A lot of West Ham fans turned against Ba when he left but I couldn’t imagine that many of them wouldn’t say no if he was offered to West Ham.
Clint Dempsey is a player that I would take on loan. I have a mate who is a Tottenham fan and he says that he is so frustrating to watch because he doesn’t do much throughout the game but then pops up with a vital goal and I think that’s the sort of player West Ham required. They need someone who knows where the goal is and can come up with the goods when you need them most.
I would have Scott Parker back at West Ham on loan. Like Ba, many people have held a grudge against Parker because he left West Ham and signed for Tottenham but he did it because his Dad told him, just before he died, that it was his wish for his son to play for Tottenham. So can you blame him? But moving on, you can’t deny he’s a great player and with Tottenham having so many midfielders, he could certainly be up for loan.
Finally, I would like to see Andros Townsend on loan at West Ham. We lack pace in our side and having him down the right and Jarvis on the left would be good. Plus Townsend can score a few goals when cutting in onto his left from the right hand side. Townsend played well whilst he was on loan at QPR and he can only benefit from having someone like Carroll to cross a ball into.