West Ham have made no secret that they are looking for a striker this summer with various names constantly being linked with the Hammers. However, with Sakho on the verge of leaving, one name keeps popping up: Alexandre Lacazette.

The French man has been linked to so many Premier League clubs in the past that it is obvious that he will become a welcome addition to the league. This is a man who has scored 72 goals in 172 appearances for Lyon since 2010. His last three seasons have seen him score over 20 goals in all competitions. So why are West Ham not biting his hand off to force the move?

The simple reason is money. This guy has been with Lyon since he was 16 years old and it is obvious the board at Lyon think very highly of him. Considering West Ham had a £25 million offer turned down shows how expensive he is. A new bid of £31 million has reportedly been launched so it remains to be seen if that will be accepted.

A positive thing I saw is that Lacazette is warming to the idea of playing for us due to the success of Dimitri Payet. He believes that he can further his career in London with us and break back into the French national team just as Payet has done this season. Plus with Payet providing the crosses and Lacazette getting on the end of them, imagine the amount of goals we could score. One can only dream.

Overall, I personally think West Ham should let Sakho go as mentioned in a previous article for £11 million, use that in the Lacazette deal and then the board will be getting value for money in selling Sakho to a rival club in the league.