West Ham 0-3 Chelsea
I think it is fair to say that we are in huge trouble and unless Andy Carroll returns by at least January, there is every possibility that we’ll be travelling to Barnsley next year.
Chelsea looked much more comfortable on the ball than us from the first minute. We rushed every pass when we had time and laboured on the ball when we didn’t. Nolan was awful and a waste of space as per usual while Joey O’Brien looked like a 10 year old playing in a men’s league.
Another individual mistake, albeit rare from a rare source, set the game on a plate for the opponents when Guy Demel decided to use his thigh to nudge the ball back to Jussi from the edge of the box leaving Oscar to pounce on the loose ball and draw the foul from Jaaskelainen. All blame has to go to Demel for that one. 1-0 to Chelsea with a thumping penalty from, you guessed it, Fat Frank.
From that point on we looked more rattled than ever before. A rare completed pass here and there but no real threat at all from us while Chelsea entered a phase of keep ball with no significant pressure. Then it was the turn of Ginge to hand give the Blues a helping hand along the way to a comfortable victory. Oscar managed to run straight past Collins with absolutely no challenge from the big Welshman leaving him with a clear path to the edge of the box and, despite a slip, slot the ball into the bottom corner. Terrific finish but terrible defending yet again.
Then as if it couldn’t get any worse we went down to ten men with the introduction of Modibo Maiga, “a giant nine year old” as the man behind me refers to him. It makes me a little sick in my mouth at the sight of the Malian in a West Ham shirt. Although it was definitely the right thing to do to abandon the 4-6-0 and bring on a striker, it would have been nice if he actually brought on a decent one. Oh wait, we don’t have any of them do we? The only one who could have maybe saved us is still on an indefinite trip to Holland according to Sam, even though David Gold tweeted the other day that Carroll was “pain free” and that he will hopefully be back by December.
The biggest cheer of the day came when Allardyce finally substituted Kevin Nolan. I don’t justify booing our own players but I think that in this case it was needed to show Sam exactly what us fans ,who pay hundreds of pounds per season to watch them, think of his repeated inclusion of Nolan.
A win against Fulham next week is absolutely vital to our season. It is a game which we must win if I am to be even slightly convinced that Sam and the board have our season under control, although it is going to take a lot more than that.