Hello again, you may be thinking that is a very strong title to have! I can’t predict the future so England might win something soon I never know but this is why I don’t think they will.
I have very strong feelings about this as I use to think that playing for your country is the biggest thing that could happen in anyone’s life! Imagine the pride and honour to put on that England shirt and walk out at wembley. But now there is no passion for the country and the players like Rooney who when they don’t feel like playing, because they don’t get paid, suddenly get a ghost injury that coincidently puts them out for the international game but is still fit for their club game just days later! Its disgraceful. Passion is the key to anything, if you have passion you can do incredible things, and thats one reason why I believe England won’t win anything soon! The next reason is one that infuriates me and that is the squad they select.
You probably thinking, thats stupid they pick the best squad. But no I assure you they don’t! If you look further into the teams the players play for you see where I’m coming from. 19 out of 23 players in the current England squad play in a top 6 club. This might be as they are decent and deserve it but if we look even deeper you can see that most of them are just there because they play for a big club! Tom Cleverley, Very young and may be alright one day but no way does he deserve to get picked to represent the country over players like Noble who have performed consistently for his club year after year but because he doesn’t play for a big club he doesn’t even get looked at, Its pathetic. Another brilliant example for this case is MAN UNITED’S Wilfried Zaha, when he got his England call up he has played 0 games in the premier league. Let me just repeat, 0 CAPS AND GETTING PICKED OVER PROVEN PLAYERS!
Everytime I watch this Zaha play its painful to watch. Yes, in the championship a couple of stepovers will do you well but in the prem and internationally it gets you nowhere. Everyone needs to understand that just because you can do well at championship level doesn’t mean you are world class, just look at Vaz Te!
The last reason I believe England won’t win any silverware soon is the Manager, Woy Hodgson. The bloke that managed West Brom beforehand and didn’t do a good job there to be honest. Why oh why is this Hodgson bloke managing our country when there is the likes of Redknapp, Mourinho and maybe even Di Canio. Yes the last 2 are very unrealistic but isn’t it worth a shot as they are proven and passionate managers who deserve a shot!