This week, thanks to Campo Retro, I was lucky enough to receive one of their retro World Cup shirts. The range, labelled the Brazil ‘14 range, is inspired by the World Cup in Mexico of 1970 with the debut of the ‘mesh’ shirts. As described by Campo Retro themselves they are “90% cotton, 10% air and 100% cool” and I very much agree.

The shirt I was lucky enough to receive was one from the England collection with Moore and 6 printed onto the back. Very fitting I thought. When browsing this item on Campo’s website, I was not too sure what to think of it. It was the thought of the mesh holes being too big that initially put me off of the top. However only after receiving the shirt can I say how wrong I was. The mesh holes, although visible, only add to to great feel and look that this top gives us. It gives the shirt a very breathable feel, which is perfect for this time of year what with the hot weather we should be due.

The Look:

As international shirts go, I do not tend to buy them. This is because of new ones coming out every year and also the over inflated prices for something that will get worn on very little occasions. The look of this top is second to none. It gives off a great retro vibe with all red, mesh design. The lettering on the back of the shirt is also of great design and only helps this top even further.

The badge on the shirt is designed by Campo Retro themselves. They are individual to each team in the collection and do not look out of place on this wonderful shirt.

The Feel:

The feel to this top is probably the best aspect for me. This is because often when buying shirts online they are either too big or too small. This shirt is the perfect size and fits very well. The collar and sleeve ends are made of a slightly thicker material to the rest of the shirt, and make this parts of the top very fitting, something which I love.

The material of this shirt is 90% cotton. This makes it very soft and breathable. It is very comfortable and is definitely something I would consider wearing for a kick about with mates, or even just to watch the England games.

The Price:

With the current England shirt priced at an astronomical £90, I would much rather pay the £30 for one of these shirts. This is because Campo Retro’s England shirt, is something that will not go out of fashion by next year simply because there is a new England shirt out. It is a timeless shirt and is perfect for the World Cup that is starting next week.

Overall I think that Campo Retro has succeeded in making an amazing retro England shirt, that will look good for years to come. With the World Cup coming up it is a must have and is a great way to support your team. Even if you do not like the England design for some reason there are plenty of other options on site with countries such as Brazil and Argentina also included, two shirts that I am also tempted to buy.