The injury to Carroll and the signing of Petric

It emerged yesterday that Andy Carroll had suffered a new injury to his right foot whilst in training. Carroll was set to feature in the Southampton game this Sunday after recovering from his most recent injury. However, this injury has come as a huge shock to everyone and early signs suggest Carroll could be out for around 6 months to a year.
You could see how big of a blow it was to West Ham from the Twitter reaction once the news broke out. Everyone was looking forward to the Southampton game, as they knew it would be the return of the big man. But Carroll’s new injury has come as a huge disappointment and early signs don’t look good.
However, this has now led to West Ham announcing a new signing today and that man is Mladen Petric. Petric has already played in the Premier League when he was signed by Fulham and so already has the experience and knows exactly what the Premier League is all about.
Petric wasn’t played as much as what most people believed he should have at Fulham and this is why his true potential hasn’t been shown. Petric is a very good finisher which is something we have missed in recent years and it has cost us games. In some games, you only get a couple of chances and you need a player who only needs one and I believe Petric is that sort of player.
Petric is able to play this Sunday against Southampton and I would love to see him start. Maiga has had a couple of chances to impress everyone and he hasn’t taken his chances. To me, Maiga just never looks interested and I think that is where Petric will be perfect. He will be aggressive up top and that’s exactly what we need due to the loss of Carroll.
Of course Petric isn’t Carroll, but I think he could surprise many people and prove to be a good signing. It is expected that official news on Carroll’s injury will be released within the next 24 hours so let’s hope the injury isn’t to serious but as already mentioned, it doesn’t look good.

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