As we all know we are favourites to get the Olympic stadium, many west ham fans are for the move but there is more west ham fans that are against the move and I can see why, Upton park is our home and we have made history in this ground and the atmosphere within the ground has been incredible for all of the years we have been at the stadium. But can we really become a big team that can compete against the other big teams in London and in the English premier league, some will say yes and be totally against the move into the Olympic stadium, but it’s so important that we move into the Olympic stadium if we want to progress as a club and become a big club who can attract big players and aim for playing in the champions league and playing top flight football. Going off of the Olympic stadium for the time being I am going to talk about the city of Manchester stadium which was built for the commonwealth games in 2002, Manchester city who bidded for the stadium and retained the stadium, they began to work into the stadium after the commonwealth games and in the 2003-2004 season they eventually moved into their stadium as they had to add things like executive boxes and restaurants within the stadium to make it a football friendly and suitable stadium. Before they moved into that stadium Manchester city was just an average club yes they was still a good club but they wasn’t a big club like they are now, the reason that is because they have an attractive stadium and that’s how it starts, the owners who bought into Manchester city looked at the stadium and has probably thought this is an attractive stadium and I want to make this a big club, his probably looking at the seat capacity and thinking he can make a profit and he can bring in the players to make this club great which he has. You have the buyers who buy into the stadium as they love the structure of the building and it’s an attractive bit of architect, you have the sponsors who also buy into the stadium because they want to have the name outright to the stadium which was Etihad and now it is called the Etihad stadium and that brought money in. Players will also want to play in the stadium because it’s a big stadium and will generate an amazing atmosphere and would be great for the team and that’s how they have progressed as a club because they got a stadium that is a big stadium which was an attractable stadium and will attract big investors in the club.This is why west ham united football club needs to move into the Olympic Stadium as we will attract a big buyer or an investor that will invest in the club because of the structure and the popularity of the stadium as it was used within the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games and it was where the opening ceremony and ending ceremony was held and it will be a big stadium forever. If we get it the same will happen to us as what happened to Manchester city and we will get bigger sponsors and build as a club and attract bigger players, better resources coaches etc. Equipment, we will automatically turn into a big club and this is why we need to accept the fact and we all need to be up for moving into the stadium and we cannot let the people who don’t want to go into the stadium ruin the future of the club. If we don’t move into the club we are just going to be up and down club who produce big players through our famous youth academy and they will leave to a bigger club, but what will be better than playing in an amazing stadium with an atmosphere that will be even bigger than the Boleyn ground. The other factor of us not filling the stadium is no big issue, the people who say we can’t fill up the Boleyn clearly don’t see that the empty seats have been paid for but not have showed up for issues that we don’t know, but every home game there are always west ham fans out there who say the 3 words “It’s sold out” and we will have lower ticket prices and more people will want to go as some people just cannot simply afford £40.00+ every home game. So we will have cheaper price tickets and we will introduce student tickets and bring in all kind of different memberships, this will mean there will be more west ham fans in the stadium who will be able to afford the games tickets and be able to watch their beloved club. If there’s still to many seats we can take some seats out in each corner of the stadium and put in the replay screens which are at the Boleyn ground at the moment and we can have 4 screens one in every corner so everyone in the stadium can see the replays and team sheets as there is a lot of positions in the Boleyn where you cannot see the screens as they are in only in two corners of the stadium we also have the problem where the seats are too far away from the pitch but we can get in retractable seating that we can set up before the games take place onto the track for the time being or keep them on the track and set it up like its permanent but when we do have a music concert or an athletics events we can just remove the seats and the track will be unveiled again so we don’t have to set it up every match and have the worry of doing it.
We can keep on the track till there is need for us to move it off of the track and we can the retractable seating up all the time and make it look like its permanent but knowing that if we needed to move it we could. In the Olympic stadium we can make history and make that our stadium for years and make it our new home and put in features that we’re at Upton Park as we could add the castle on the front of it anything just to give it a bit of feel to it but we can make history there and start to attract bigger players and start to set our goals even higher and go for top 6 positions and start to hit top flight football and get back on track as we need to build the west ham fan base so the 60,000 seated Olympic Stadium will be perfect as we can attract all fans over the world, we can also offer tickets on the door so if there is any left people can just pop there and go there just like you would at a cinema . We can also have the standing friendly seats which David gold is for the idea and he said he would love this as most of the fans have always wanted this to come back.I’m 100% sure that this move is right and it will be the right stadium to get as it’s an attractive building that is famous for one of London’s biggest event in the world the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and it will be a place where history has already been made and everyone will know that west ham united now lives there and that is their stadium and people will want to visit the stadium again, as it will be a big attraction to London for all events, it will bring a lot of income in and we could make a lot of profit from having the stadium as well as reputation for having the stadium. if we don’t get the stadium and the people who don’t want it are the ones we have to blame for not letting this club move on and become a bigger club in general, it has already made history in the stadium and maybe west ham united football club can add to this and become a big top four team and be the biggest club in London and have a nice new modern stadium that won’t need replacing for a couple of hundred years. if we don’t fill the stadium that’s a benefit as we know we have room for more luxury seats and facilities that could be built a hotel maybe and rooms or even a restaurant or even a night club anything to make this stadium even bigger than it already is now. it will be the best thing that could happen to west ham united since we won major cups and tournaments, just think we need to get a new stadium for our west ham fan base that is increasing fast and we will need to have a bigger stadium soon so having the Olympic stadium will be perfect it is also in Stratford that is right near Upton park and is in the right area for the club and will offer more parking and other facilities for the fans to use and all modern up to date facilities.