Due to the difficult times the club are going through at the moment there’s been a lot of negativity towards the owners and particularly David Gold because he has twitter and fans can message him easily. I don’t think the hard time he’s getting is fair because looking at the bigger picture he’s done a lot of good for the club.
I don’t think we’d be in the premier league right now if they hadn’t been there to help out and really all fans want is for us to do well in the league. The Olympic Stadium is notably the big thing that Gold, Sullivan and Brady have achieved and at this moment it doesn’t bare thinking about how it’s going to feel to leave Upton Park but the OS should help us move on to bigger things. With some hope and luck we should still have Andy Carroll maybe Ravel and some of our youngsters Lee, Chambers, Lletget etc. so there’s plenty of reasons to be optimistic as long as were still in the premier league and I think we will be, this season will be a struggle but we’ll pull through. We’re not the team or fans that give up. Another factor that comes with the OS is that the debt will be cleared, we will never know the complete ins and outs of what’s going on money wise but if we are then the club can focus on getting good players and I think the bigger stadium will help attract good players.
The fact that David Gold has twitter automatically earns my respect, it can’t be easy, we are a very passionate group of fans and he puts up with the tweets and often comes out with responses that make us laugh. I do believe he tries to be as honest as he can but it’s not like he can share a lot of details that other teams may see. He has been very quiet recently which hasn’t looked great because it’s a time when the fans want answers but overall it’s a good interaction to have with the fans.
He’s a lifelong fan of the club but that doesn’t mean he can go and do whatever he wants, he has finance and business decisions to think about. At the current time, like him or not he deserves respect for what he’s done as do Sullivan and Brady.