Well as a young boy from Carlisle the last city in England before Scotland, a lot of people always ask me: why West Ham? What is it that draws me to the club? Why I’m so passionate about supporting West Ham? Well, let me tell you.
I can remember always sitting up with my dad watching Match of the Day and as my dad is a West Ham fan as well there was always a little more excitement for when their game came on. It also helped me stay up a little later as West Ham were always on near the end of the show. West Ham was always ingrained in me, without even being told anything about football I always knew who I supported without needing to be persuaded by anyone.
At school as a six year old is when I started taking football more seriously and talking constantly about football, but more importantly West Ham. My friends couldn’t understand why I supported them and I couldn’t really explain it either I just said I did or that I wasn’t a glory hunter like them as they all supported Manchester United, Liverpool or Newcastle. In the yard at break times I always and still do to this day play in goals and I would always say I was Ludek Miklosko my favourite ever West Ham goalkeeper.
It was always hard work being a West Ham fan not for results or where we were in the League, it was travelling the full length of the country to see them play. But as a kid that is part of the fun and the enjoyment but exhausting getting up at 4 or 5 o clock in the morning to get the coach full of Northern Hammers down to London to see them play. I can remember the butterflies I got and still get with excitement when I get to the Boleyn Ground I don’t think I will ever lose that. I even took my wife to London on our honeymoon because West Ham were playing a friendly cup against Deportivo La Coruna where we won on penalties. But she has learnt to love it just as much as I do now!
From where I was as a kid supporting West Ham to now as a 26 year old man who doesn’t just support but also loves West Ham I have found out why I support and love the club and I can tell everyone why, not just “because” or “I’m not a glory hunter”. I support West Ham because we don’t have to spend millions on players to bring fans to the club. We produce the players that bring fans to the club. The fans are one big family and there is nothing like the West Ham family, they are the best fans in the world in my opinion. The history of the club with names such as Bobby Moore, Trevor Brooking and Geoff Hurst etc, the 1966 World Cup Final and West Hams influence in that, the constant rollercoaster and the walk from Upton Park tube station down Green Street to the Boleyn are all parts of the charm and tradition of West Ham.  But to sum it up you don’t choice West Ham, West Ham chooses you and I will be forever Blowing Bubbles through thick and thin and over land and sea!
It’s a magical feeling been a West Ham fan.

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