The West Ham fans have been involved in a lot of stories from the press this season and it’s not surprising after the season we’ve had but what I did find interesting was watching highlights from the play off final. The commentators said West Ham fans are very demanding; we demanded promotion and got it at the first time of asking but I think with all the history and tradition the club hold it’s not surprising that we demand a lot. West Ham is one of the most famous teams in England and one of the things it’s most famous for is the fans. Another thing they said was when West Ham fans are behind you like they were at Wembley there’s really nothing like it and that really is something to be proud of, we’re not like other teams who really do only sing when they’re winning.

The commentator’s final thoughts as Mark Noble walked around holding a West Ham scarf to the fans was about the Olympic Stadium. A massive talking point particularly at the moment and they were concerned that the new stadium would ruin the closeness of the fans because at Upton Park we are all so close together. They talked about the track being there are I can’t remember exactly what DG and DS was going to happen with that but hopefully they’ll cover it. There are still some fans that are very against the move and only time will tell if it will work but think back to that day at Wembley so many fans echoing bubbles round the stadium and we need to create that atmosphere week in week out at the OS. We’re moving place not team not players not traditions. West Ham will always be West Ham famous for bubbles, incredible players, amazing fans and hopefully a big future. Fans will always play a part at West Ham I believe Mark Noble will walk out for the first game in the OS as captain and proud to leading the club to success like he does every week. David Gold is a fan and I think that’s easy to forget sometimes he grew up at Upton Park like a lot of fans but he made a decision that must have been very difficult and he deserves respect for that. Another saying fans use is that they bleed claret and blue. The colour of the bloods not changing the tube station is and as hard as its going to be West Ham has to keep its fans.