Who to Sell?
It is pretty much common sense that after the expensive arrival of Andy Carroll from Liverpool, we need to make some of that money back by trimming the squad of players who simply aren’t cut out to be quality Premiership players. After reading The Sun’s article about who may believe we may look to sell, I don’t see the loss of the players mentioned having a substantial affect on the team’s fortunes on the pitch. Those players mentioned were France international Alou Diarra, Matt Taylor, Malian striker Modibo Maiga and Ricardo Vaz Te, all of whom I believe have performed less than adequately this season.
Alou Diarra (The Lazy Moaning Frenchman)
This is a player who can certainly be branded, £2 million wasted. I was excited when I first heard we were signing him as I thought he looked very solid playing for France in Euro 2012; however my excitement soon turned to massive disappointment! Although he is only 31, when I first saw him play in the Capital One Cup against Crewe Alexandra he looked as though he was in need of an oxygen tank after about ten minutes! He must have made about two tackles before seeming as though he simply could not take anymore. His awful attitude and longing for a move away after only 3 league appearances landed him a move to French club Rennes. He has made no impact whatsoever and needs to be moved on ASAP!
Matt Taylor
Another disappointment. Although Taylor is noted for his powerful and accurate long-range shots and crossing ability, we have seen very little of this during his 2 year spell with the Hammers.  He has started very few games for the club during the Premier League campaign which tells you all you need to know… he is simply not good enough for this division. I would presume that we could maybe get around £2 million for him which I think would be a very acceptable price based on his lacklustre performances this season.
Modibo Maiga
Another definite case of money wasted, £5 million wasted! Since arriving at the beginning of the season he has found first team opportunities hard to come by and based on the few times I have seen him play, he should have had a lot fewer games than he did get! He seemed to spend more time falling over the ball than he did actually doing anything beneficial to the team. It has been reported that Newcastle are interested and I say let them have him. Lets bring in a striker to partner Carroll and another to wait in reserve and put Maiga and ourselves out of our misery.
Ricardo Vaz Te
Now I know that RVT is the reason we are where we are and I know he gave me and all the other WHU fans at Wembley one of the best days of our lives, however I think he should definitely been left behind. Vaz Te found his level last year in the Championship, and that is where he belongs. He is a Championship player! He may throw in the odd step over to try and fool us in to believing he’s Cristiano Ronaldo but it certainly hasn’t fooled me! I don’t think there has been a single game this season where I truly believed he looked Premiership quality! I don’t think he could do anything to change my mind as he simply isn’t physically capable of it even though I am positive he would strongly disagree just as he does with the Portugal manager every single time a squad is announced and he isn’t in it! We need to get as much as we can for him and just move on as quickly as possible!