2 summer signings down and hopefully more to come because we definitely need it. Before the season finished I didn’t think midfield was a massive area that needed improving compared to other areas that the team lack in but now with Taylor, Collison, Cole gone and possibly Diame and Ravel leaving and the fact that we chose not to keep Nocerino we do need some more players. I’ve said before I think it would be great to see a couple of under 21 midfielders coming into the first team which should be great but we need experience alongside Noble as well.

We also need new full backs, left back being a priority because the one only we have at the moment is Potts and as much as fans would like to see him get a full chance in the first team I can’t really imagine Sam doing that. So, Olsson would be the most realistic target we could get. I think that would be quite a good addition to the squad.

At right back, there has been rumours of Demel leaving but we don’t know if that will happen however we need a backup even he stays. We do have Leo Chambers who I think would do well in the first team. Micah Richards is a name we’ve been linked with which would be a really good addition, should we be able to pay his wages, which I doubt seeing as the club don’t want to give Reid the rumoured 75k he would want, which I don’t see as a problem as we pay Carroll more than that.