West Ham have been swapping goalkeepers a lot the last few games which isn’t really a good sign but I think it’s a complicated situation, Jussi didn’t deserve to be dropped he’s been an amazing keeper for us but his distribution was poor.  Adrian was so good against Spurs, coming up with key saves but also has very good distribution, so after the Spurs game he got his chance in the Premier League and within minutes made a super save but did let goals in. However we weren’t really expecting to beat United and Arsenal so for him to then be dropped after 2 games was also very unfair.

Jussi is a great goalkeeper and has served us so well coming up with saves that have kept us in games time after time but has lacked in other areas but I think most fans presumed that he would be our number 1 goalkeeper for this season then Adrian would take over next season but Adrian has given him more competition than we thought.

Adrian was one of our summer signings and I thought he would play in cup games etc. then take over as our full time goalkeeper next season, whether that be in the Premier League or not but he has impressed, not only Sam but fans also. He seems so positive, always tweeting “Come on you Irons” and it’s so nice to see our players showing passion. He has made some spectacular saves, the one in the first minute against United springs to mind and also his distribution is great, so I can understand why he was chosen for a couple of games.

Swapping goalkeepers isn’t the way to go, I don’t care which one Sam picks both have their quality’s but it’s unfair to swap them, it would of knocked Adrian’s confidence, being dropped after 2 games and that’s the last thing we need, another player with less confidence. I know if the fans had the choice it would be Adrian and I think I agree, even though I think Jussi is great as well.  This is going to be an uphill battle now and it’s hard to see a positive outcome but as always COYI.