After the defeat in Manchester, against Mancini’s lads (we deserved something more), we can conclude that this year with the two sides of Manchester, in every match, we have been unlucky with referees’s decisions. But it doesn’t matter, we are safe in the table and this is only source of pride for us, that we played till the end, against one of the richest teams in the world, with world class players (Yaya’s goal is a formidable example). A special shout out to one of us, Diego, that went to Ethiad Stadium for the match, and it was nice to see all the fans together in an amazing standing ovation for Marc Vivien Foè at 23 minutes. Nice scene, we think that Marc up in the sky was glad for this.
And now, we’re ready to invade East London! Infact, for the Newcastle match, Martelli d’Italia are set to come to London with 30 people from Italy. We’re so proud of this, and, like last year for Wembley, when we were there 33 from Italy, this year for the end of the season we decided to come again to greet our fantastic lads, that, in our opinion, this year deserve all of our best support for the great season played. We hope to meet some of you. We’re looking forward to meet old friends, Jonjo and his family especially. We will all participate to the OLAS party for the end of the season at The Central Pub on Barking Road after the match, and on Sunday we will meet our Dutch friends (Hammers Army Holland) in Romford, for a nice lunch in claret & blue style! For everyone that want to have a beer with us, meet us, get to know us, this is our program for the week end. We’re waiting for you.
Over land and sea, Italian Hammers are coming!