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Trainspotting writer and West Ham fan Irvine Welsh says owners David Sullivan and David Gold must leave
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Trainspotting writer and West Ham fan Irvine Welsh says owners David Sullivan and David Gold must leave

It seems everyone is having their say on West Ham United at the moment.

West Ham fans have been protesting against co-owners David Sullivan and David Gold and their vice-chairman Karren Brady this season.

More than 8,000 supporters joined a march against the trio before the home win over Southampton last time out.

The list of grievances is long and varied. Fans are demanding Sullivan and Gold sell up.

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Moore story designed to discourage protests?

Before last Saturday’s peaceful protest, a story involving a friend of Bobby Moore emerged in the media.

Some West Ham fans believe the story was pumped out by the club’s under fire owners in an attempt to shame them into halting the protest.

The story centered around Moore’s friend Terry Creasey, who said the Hammers legend would be ‘turning in his grave at the protests’ (Sky Sports and The Daily Mail).

The article contained a passage in which Creasey praises Sullivan and Gold saying he ‘feels sorry for the owners who gave Bobby a job at Birmingham (City) when he was blanked by West Ham’.

But West Ham fans know their history and Moore had sadly passed away before the duo took over Birmingham.

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Hammers fans highlight big inaccuracy

While Sullivan did give Moore a job as a columnist on his Daily Sport newspaper, some fans believe the inaccurate article was piggybacking on the recent 27th anniversary of the West Ham legend’s death to try and publicly discredit them – even describing protesting supporters as a ‘minority’.

One of those is West Ham fan and Scottish novelist and playwright Irvine Welsh.

The Trainspotting writer took to Twitter after the article and its inaccurate claims were highlighted.

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Trainspotting writer says West Ham owners must leave

And he says Sullivan and Gold’s positions are becoming ‘untenable’.

“To use Bobby Moore in this way is loathsome and I think makes their position at West Ham untenable,” Welsh said on Twitter.

“How can you ever have any mutual respect between owners and supporters when they stoop this low?”

Whether the club did drum up the story in a bid to try and turn the tide against the protests we will probably never know.

But it shows the level of mistrust between West Ham fans and the boardroom that supporters believe that to be the case.

Welsh makes a salient point. The chasm between the terraces and the owners is becoming so great, it may be too late to build bridges now and selling up appears to be the only solution.