Being a West Ham fan is the best feeling in the world. It can also been the worst feeling in the world! Ecstasy, thrill, happiness, overwhelming and a joy are just some words that spring to mind when I think West Ham but they also comes with the feelings of dread, despair, sadness and disappointment but do you know what… I wouldn’t have it any other way!! WE ARE WEST HAM.

All us West Ham fans are human I know its hard to believe but when you cut us open we bleed red like the rest of you but our tears and our heart are claret and blue.

This season has been another to test our loyalty and patience with the club manager and board, but this is just another chapter of being a West Ham fan. It’s frustrating and it’s annoying but it’s what we all live for. Weekends come and even with Fat Sam in charge I sing and dance to the tune of “I’m forever blowing bubbles” or “IRONS IRONS” and for me that won’t ever change!

Yeah I’m with the majority of you West Ham fans out there that want Sam Allardyce out, and the Nottingham Forest game for me was the final insult to us brave Hammer fans. I have never wanted Allardyce at the club, yes he did get us promoted back to the Premiership but if we are going to be honest about it we limped over the line. Last season we over achieved as one newly promoted club generally does and I think that alone is what is keeping Allardyce in a job. Yet, this is only my opinion and yours may be different.


The one thing that Allardyce has taken for granted is the fantastic West Ham fans that travel the length and breadth of this country and support our beloved team and when we play away we are always out-singing the home support. This is what Allardyce does not deserve. Having said that the team need us! This is the West Ham team’s moment of need and I for one will not let one poor manager destroy our club, I will sing as loud as I have ever sung and I will go to every game to show I love West Ham.

We are the famous West Ham and we will be heard, so let’s all join together and show every team out there what real support is! Win, lose or draw we will support.


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