“Why do you support West Ham when you live up here? And they’re s**t!” Being a Northern hammer is difficult but I sure wouldn’t change it for the world, why? Because they’re part of my identity. Very often I get asked why I support West Ham, I tend to reply with “I just do”, “because I aint a glory supporter” or just “its in the blood”.
Living in Darlington for most of my life after being born in Salisbury has been difficult, surrounded by Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesborough, Man United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal fans but I love being who I am and who I follow! It makes me different.
Up in the North East of England it is very rare you come across West Ham fans, but when you do its like an electric shock running through your body as you see someone with the same pain as you. Its rare, but I’ve seen a few, and each time I shout “Irons”. With a fiery and opinionated personality as mine, you often get caught up in arguments with opposing fans whether it be Sunderland or Newcastle, but each time I fight so hard to defend the claret and blue blood than runs through my veins.
I hate football until I was 11 years old when I played my first game of FIFA 07 and Football in the same week. That week essentially changed both my personality and my identity! Before loving football I was the quiet, simple minded child that was struggling at a poor school on a poor estate. I moved to Secondary school some months later where my confidence, intelligence and well, the whole of my disposition changed as I took up being a goalkeeper, and many asked me to join the local team, as I eventually did. Knowing me now, many find it astonishing as to how much I hated football in my pastime.
My step father who has brought me up since the age of three was born in East London where he lived till he was 11. He of course is from a West Ham background, and all of the Edkins family is raving mad about the hammers. Your now probably thinking I’m not a hammer at heart, but in fact I am as my mum’s grandad was a hammer too, his son, however, being my grandad is a Tottenham fan to my dismay.
At the age of 16 with my paper round as my only income I get very little money, and coming from and un-wealthy background I have never, unfortunately been to a game with my family. When I was 14 years old a boy moved to my school from Sunderland, we chatted on facebook, and to my extreme delight he was a West Ham fan! Instantly we formed a great friendship which strongly remains today, and with him I attend all North East away games!
To my sheer embarrassment I have only ever been to four West Ham games, watching us concede four and score three. With the hammers being touted from a move away from Upton Park it is on my bucket list to watch a home game (before we move). I have however, been to Upton Park but I haven’t actually watched a game there, I just slept in the hotel.
During my days of hating football I was offered the chance of going to Upton Park for a tour of the stadium shortly after my late aunt’s death (R.I.P) and to my pain today, I rejected it instantly.
I would love to watch a game at Upton Park! And so, my and my friend Harry are planning ahead for this season; possibly the Newcastle home game but it is subject to change meaning I daren’t book train tickets yet.
It is harder than you think supporting West Ham up north, with no fellow hammers (unless your extremely lucky). Every home game being like an away game with regards to travel prices.
People laugh, people taunt! The fact is though that I’m a hammer through and through! Yeah I haven’t been to many games, but I’m trying! I love West Ham no matter what!!
I wouldn’t support any other club no matter what! I am truly West Ham at the core!
Despite the works of being a northern hammer, I wouldn’t support any other team! Everything about West Ham makes me love them, essentially, even the distance.
I love West Ham and nothing nor nobody will ever change that!
I went to London last may and watched the Play-Off final in the Duke, I’ve never seen so many West Ham fans around that haven’t been at a game! It was turly astonishing, a beautiful sight that as a northern hammer is rare!
I hope that where ever I live in the world when I grow up, my children too support West Ham! Its an experience that is so difficult yet so enjoyable!
I find that West Ham, being West Ham don’t win every game and I love that! How boring would it be to win every game, where each goal in each game meant nothing because you knew it was going to happen?
At the end of the day, I’m a West Ham fan, they form my identity and my personality! I wouldn’t have it any other Way!
Whenever I meet someone, I always ask them who they support, because for me, I like people knowing I’m a Hammer.

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