A Humble Suggestion for The Repair of West Ham United Football Club
Since Sam Allardyce unleashed a 4-6-0 on Tottenham at White Hart Lane that was ripe with creativity, strong on defense, and selectively aggressive on the attack we have, as West Ham fans, been subjected to a series of disastrous games that have left us fearing relegation questioning both the owners and the manager, and wondering what can be done to turn things around.  It turns out I have a couple of thoughts on how best to answer that particular question.
I am sure I am not alone in wanting to see changes or having some ideas about the changes that should take place. I am probably not even alone in most of my thoughts on what would be a good starting to point for those changes. However, rather than talk about the more common thoughts on how to fix the team I want to focus on an idea I tweeted about on Saturday after the game. That idea, in short is to replace Sam Allardyce.
Wait, you say! A lot of people are calling for his removal and replacement. Yes, that is true. But I have a suggestion on whom to replace him with as well. One of the dangers in replacing a manager in the middle of the season is major upheaval further damaging the team. But what if the upheaval were not so major? What if we replaced him with someone who is already part of the West Ham family? How about someone who is respected for his leadership skills and works with the team on a daily basis? How about someone who has a great relationship with both Andy Carroll and Ravel Morrison?
If that all sounds good to you then I offer, as the next manager of West Ham United, Kevin Nolan! I know that this is a radical idea, but I also believe it makes a great amount of sense. Kevin Nolan’s leadership of the team is often talked about and his football IQ is through the roof. He is respected by his teammates and has a history with Big Sam’s system that would allow him to move in seamlessly while also making some changes towards playing a more positive form of football that will hopefully make better use of our attacking options and lead to more points.
I hate to say it but it would also allow West Ham to make the best use of Nolan’s skills while keeping off the field. It is clear that while he still has a lot of skill for the game that he has also lost a step and is not nearly as effective at snatching goals as he once was. A lot of people speak derisively of Nolan, in part I think because they are using him as a punching bag when they are tired of knocking Big Sam but also, I think, because He is an example of how unwilling Sam is to make the necessary changes. Getting Nolan off the field would open up a spot for one of our many talented midfielders and making him manager would make great use of his mind and talents as a leader.
There are other changes of course that need to be made. I hate to say it, but it is time for Adrian to become our first choice at goalie. I am not sure what is leading to the major mistakes Jussi has made in recent weeks but they are a disturbing trend. I love his reflexes and he has definitely made some great saves (including in the Chelsea game,) but major mistakes have cost us goals in the last two games and there is a lot to be said for letting West Ham’s young stars begin to take over.
I know it is a radical change, and would be taking a big chance on Nolan’s ability to manage a team. But it would also be the sort of gamble that could reap great rewards and would allow the team to figure out what directions to go in once the transfer window opens.  So please let me know what you think.  Should Nolan be our next manager? Should we stick with Big Sam? What do you think needs to change to save West Ham’s season?