2 weeks have past in the premier league and West Ham are 4th (before the Man United vs Chelsea game) which isn’t that bad! A good win at home and a draw away, but what I’m concerned about this season is the away form.
Last season West Hams away form was absolutely dreadful, disgraceful in truth! It was Diabolical. For the team that came 10th in the hardest division in the world and only got 3 wins away from home, you have to realise how good our home form was. As I said last year the hammers won just 3 of the 19 away games, while scoring just 11 and conceding 31, which is a terrible record for any team. I don’t really understand how that happened? obviously we didn’t play well but week in week out we performed well at home and put up many upsets like the win against Chelsea, so why can’t we do that away? yes we might not have the 35,000 people the players are use to cheering them on but the away atmosphere is always very good from the hammers fans so it must be the players. Alright, we did have to rely on the big geordie up top to score most of the goals for us but Kevin Nolan scored a few goals as well but not a lot away. He just doesn’t seem to perform away, which is a shame as at home he is one of the best at what he does, supplying the big man up top and cleaning up anything else attacking wise.
But we need consistency upfront, someone that doesn’t get a knock and then out for months. MORE MONEY NEEDS SPENDING! And if that means players need to go then so be it. Mr Gold has said we now operate at a 1 out 1 in transfer approach so players that are a liability are as follows; Vaz te, Diarra, Mccartney, Taylor and if needed O’brien. Because we need a striker if we want to be competing big and “A champions league team” as we have been promised in the next 5 years. Consistency is key is my opinion, we need to solidify as a club to being hitting big finishes.
So we need more signings the way i see it.