I know that every West Ham fan has an opinion on whether or not Jack Sullivan should be allowed to continue to tweet news of potential transfer dealings, and I know many have already let their opinion be known. My opinion is an unusual one compared to the opinions of most. My opinion is not one of anger towards Jack, it is one of sympathy for him. A young thirteen year-old should not be the one taking the abuse that we have all seen him receive via Twitter, it should be the club to whom fans should be venting their anger. After all, Jack has tweeted many times that his father and our co-Chairman David Sullivan is absolutely fine with his sons tweeting. I remember during David’s Q & A session on Jack’s account he was asked what he thought of the tweeting of Jack to which he replied that he thought it was a great way of giving the fan’s news and he would not stop him.
I know that most of the people who read Jack’s tweets think it is disgraceful that the club allow a thirteen year-old to spread rumour’s and make the club look ridiculous. However, I find it even more disgraceful on David Sullivan’s part that he has not stepped in and taken his son off of Twitter, not for the club’s sake but his son’s sake. David needs to be more responsible for his son who receives countless amounts of hate mail on the social networking site. If most fathers knew of their child taking the abuse that Jack has to put up with then I’m sure that they would be horrified and do everything they could to protect them from that kind of abuse. I’m certain that a lot of people would say that if Jack cared that much then he would delete his own account. I ask you: if you were a young man with 30,000 followers, would you delete your account? It is almost a competition on Twitter of who can get the most followers and Jack is one of the most followed 13 year-olds on the site he’s not going to come off of Twitter and be defeated by the hate. Imagine the stick he would get off of his mates at school if he gave in!
You also have to take into account the hypocrisy of thousands of his followers! He is constantly inundated with demands to hear some transfer news from him,  yet when he reveals news he receives disgusting hate from the same people jumping on the bandwagon of his haters.
People need to make up their minds whether they get the news they crave or not! They cannot have it both ways!
It is up to David Sullivan himself to take responsibility and either refuse to allow Jack spreading information or taking his account down all together!