The return of Andy Carroll should have brought a confidence boost to the team and it did look that way at Cardiff, but unfortunately that wasn’t carried over for Newcastle. Andy Carroll did get to play 30 minutes which is good because he can’t be expected to play a whole game yet. He needs to build up and when he finally came on, after a little scare because he wasn’t on the bench just after half-time, he came on to the delight of Upton Park. Bearing in mind he hasn’t played for 7 months he done ok, we do look a slightly different side when he comes on the pitch because he is someone who can hold up the ball and can battle with defences. The shot he missed was difficult to take but that’s not something to dwell on and I think no one will be more annoyed than him that he missed that.

The fixtures in February are really something we have to take advantage on and with Carroll getting more game time and more confidence back, that is the month all fans are hoping we can save something but it’s going to be extremely difficult. Neither Reid nor Carroll can save the season but with both back, I hope it gives the team a lift and that makes them more determined to win the games.

I do not regret the team signing Andy Carroll at all, I think he was a great signing and the injuries have been so frustrating but on his day at full fitness, we can’t get any better because he brings so much presence to team. He signed a long term contract and if we are still in the Premier League I think he is the right person to carry the team because he seems to love the club. When he’s back full time and is playing with Nolan I think we’ll see a change in them both. At the end of last season all the fans loved him and I don’t think there’s any reason to change that because he will be back to best and a player to lead the team. Fans are angry because the team are going through a rubbish time but no matter how hard it’s going to be we have to stay behind the players, especially the few that are doing their utmost every week.