That famous shirt. Number 6- synonymous with the immortal legend that is Bobby Moore, but now hung up, never to be used again.
The last West Ham player to wear the number 6 shirt is the infamous Matthew Upson, the man commonly known as ‘the reason we went down.’  To me, it seems a great shame that this famous number was occupied by a man now passionately despised by fans.
6 is not a right, it is a privilege. To wear the number 6 shirt for West Ham should be an honour filled with great pride for whoever might wear this shirt. Therefore, just in case Mr. Gold should come across this article, I believe I have a solution of what to do with the number 6.
Each year, the number 6 should change. The occupant? Hammer of the year. This not only places extra emphasis on the award, but greater pride for playing in the shirt for West Ham United football club. Who can honestly say that they would not love to see Winston Reid wearing the number 6 shirt next year?
Now of course, it is nigh one impossible that a player will reach the immortal status of Bobby Moore, but is his name really bigger than the club itself? The shirt should be a reward, not an article left to gather dust in a dark cupboard of the Boleyn Ground.
It may only be a pipe dream of mine, but West Ham United football club should respect the shirt of the greatest player to wear the claret and blue by allowing only the best of the time to wear said shirt.