Carroll’s sending off will be a massive blow for us and a decision that will be remembered at the end of the season no matter what. However before that happened we saw the thing all fans have been waiting for.

Nolan and Carroll were once again running around defences and together were unstoppable; it was the best they have both performed all season. Nolan has been criticised more than most this season but I do think it’s because he works so much better with a target man. Together they bring so much to the team, Saturday saw two Nolan goals with two Carroll assists and it could easily be the other way round that’s just they play. They seem to be telepathic like when they play together and I think that does have something to do with how close they are off the pitch because they understand each other so well.

No Carroll has been a massive part of the struggles this season but on Saturday he was back to best. We are so used to Nolan coming up with important goals just when we need them and we haven’t had that this season but that was back on Saturday as well. The next two games were and can still be winnable, the whole team just need to keep up the energy get through the games without Andy. Then they need to welcome his return again and I hope to see the amazing pairing on Nolan and Carroll getting as many goals as possible until the end of the season. On form these two are unstoppable and I’m glad they have that partnership at West Ham.