The rest of this season is about survival and yes our bad performances mid-season caused that but that’s where we are. Yes the Hull game wasn’t pleasing to the eye and we didn’t play very well at all but we got 3 points and that’s what matters. Big Sam said I will keep you in the premier league and if he does that this season we can’t moan. Once the season is done and if we stay up then the whole club re-groups and re focus and build up a great team that we know we have but Sam just isn’t get the best out of them.
The fans booing at the last game was unacceptable on every level and Sam and the players had every right to be angry. It may not have been good but it was 3 points and a few of the players worked really hard and didn’t deserve that. West Hams fans have always been great sticking by our team no matter what we tend to sing even louder when we lose to get behind the players, so why fans decided to boo when we won is something I don’t understand.

Mark Noble wrote an article on the West Ham website the other day about the booing stating how much it really affects the players and I’m sure it does, the task for the game was to get 3 points and they done that. If some of the players reacted badly to the fans booing I’m not surprised it was a horrible situation to be involved in. One player that stood out for me after that game was Adrian once again even though the fans were booing he was the one walking around clapping us for being there. I think that definitely comes from the relationship he has with fans on twitter tweeting when we win or lose. He is the most passionate player at the club. One mention to Roger Johnson after Collins went off and I though oh here we go nightmare but I was happily proved wrong and he played very well.