Still a lot to unravel?

I’m confused. Sometimes I can’t understand. I believe, and many might agree, that the mind of a West Ham supporter is clouded by incompetence. Perhaps it’s the negativity of the football, or the expectations created by our long history. Take this season. Many a fan weren’t happy at all about being 12th at Christmas. Many were calling for “Sam out!” I believe it is the same problem as all English fans. We expect too much. England aren’t going to win the World Cup in the next decade, as probably West Ham won’t win the Champions League. This trail of thought from West Ham fans seems to have sprung again. This time, about the young Ravel Morrison.
To reassure readers, I have nothing against the youngster. His ability on the ball and awareness from a young age has sparked in the second half of this season. The press in Birmingham have even gone to the extent to say “”it wasn’t just his elegant, effortless ability on the ball and passing, but work rate, too”. This is very convincing evidence that Ravel Morrison is definitely one for the future and I’m sure he’ll build this at West Ham. But, in my opinion, it’s far too early.
It is common in the British media that if one goal, shot or tackle is made, it effects a player’s whole image and the public’s attitude on the player. Take Callum McMannaman’s tackle and the performances of Oldham Athletic striker, Matt Smith, against the Liverpudlian sides. This reaction happened with Morrison. Ravel scored 3 goals in 2 games at the end of this season, recording man of the match in each of the games. This caused an outburst of remarks such as “start him next season” and “why did Sam send him on loan?” from article sites such as this one. But I completely disagree with these delusional supporters.
For one, his first half of the season was disastrous! Sent off 3 times, received 7 yellow cards and eventually ended up getting dropped from the matchday squad between November and December. Also, he is not a renowned Premier League player, which arises another point. Where could he fit in? I hear a lot asking from him to be placed behind the huge Andy Carroll. Really? Would you, reader, drop the first-team captain of West Ham United. Would you, sir, drop the top club’s top goal scorer of the 2013/14 season? If so, then please call the National Alliance of Mental Illness as you are in need of a brain transplant! He has been great for us this season. He’s carried us 10th with his armband, scoring a marvelous hattrick on the final game of the season.
I also cannot picture him in his second position, the right-wing. Now, I’m not a huge fan of Ricardo Vaz Te. He just isn’t a winger. His acceleration is timid, his awareness is dreadful and take far too many touches on the wing, unlike a Matt Jarvis who is very capable of a whipping early cross. Vaz Te is a striker! He scored 15 goals in 17 games for Barnsley, playing at STRIKER! I recall an outburst for a second striker up front. Well, we do have a second striker, it’s just he’s not really upfront. I, honestly, would also play the underused Mobido Maiga. This boy does have talent. He has the pace, and the touch and the flair. He showed his goal scoring capability against the Saints in December. But, it is impossible to see what a player can do if he doesn’t take his tracksuit off until the 75th minute!
So, that is where I stand on Ravel Morrison. I can see just as much as the next hammer why he must be kept and why he will be key in the future! But we’re not in the future yet. And, personally, I’d rather a 26 a bunch of Big Sam regulars on the field ahead of an inexperienced 20 year old without any Premier League games under him. I am fully aware that many a disagreement will occur and am interested to view some of thse debates.
Come On You Irons!,

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