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Simon Jordan twists knife into West Ham owners yet again with 'cynical profiteering' jibe
Photo by AMA/Corbis via Getty Images

Simon Jordan twists knife into West Ham owners yet again with 'cynical profiteering' jibe

Simon Jordan has twisted the knife into the West Ham owners yet again by suggesting that the prices that the club are charging for the privilege to be a match-day mascot is bordering on ‘cynical profiteering’, when speaking on Jim White’s talkSPORT show today (Tuesday, February 11th).

The Hammers charge the highest price in the Premier League for a mascot package, according to the Telegraph – up to £700 for certain matches.

David Sullivan and David Gold are hardly popular amongst the West Ham fans as it is.

And former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan has been criticising them too of late.

The 52-year-old told talkSPORT the other day how the Hammers co-owners handled the club’s move to the London Stadium badly:

David Sullivan and David Gold (Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images)

“With respect to David Sullivan and David Gold – who aren’t on my Christmas card list – they have backed that football club, whether the people think that they’ve backed it in the way that they should, or whether they think they could do more, there will always be that argument being run by people. Whether people think that they could have handled the move to the London Stadium better. Yes they probably could.”

Extortionate prices could alienate vast majority of fans

And Jordan was at it again today, suggesting that charging up to £700 for a mascot experience is ‘a bit ugly’, when speaking on talkSPORT this morning (Tuesday, February 11th):

“When you start to move into five, six, seven hundred pounds and you’re not even getting the kit included in it, you’re starting to get into territory of cynical profiteering.It’s a bit ugly and not representative of what football should embody -which is giving something back to the supporters and the next generation, the lifeblood of a football club.”

Jordan certainly has a point. £700 to be a mascot on match-day is quite frankly ridiculous. And it will just leave Sullivan and Gold open to further criticism from the club’s fans.

Maybe it is something that the West Ham owners should look into changing. If they don’t, they will risk alienating the everyday fan who cannot afford such extortionate prices.