So when West Ham were named preferred bidders for the second time I am sure all West Ham fans would agree we were just waiting for all the I’s to be dotted and the T’s to be crossed so we could final say this is going to be our new home of football.
However, yet again it has been drawn out a lot longer than we would all have liked and as a result I am sure the West Ham fans that were against the move are now even more against the move, and the ones who were for are no doubt starting to lose patience.
With West Ham owner David Gold revealing that all the finer details are all but completed and agreed, he expected it to be all signed, sealed and delivered to West Ham by the end of March, over 4 months after being named the preferred bidder for the second time and all was looking promising. But yet again Leyton Orient’s owner Barry Hearn has came along to spoil the party and it’s not for the first time he has felt the need to add his two pence worth.
So Barry Hearn announced today (Wednesday 6th March) that Leyton Orient are to launch a legal fight so they can ground share with West Ham. Hearn has asked for permission for a judicial review of the bid process.
Barry Hearn stated “The rules of the bidding process created by the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) we do not believe provided for teaming, which is for all parties to share the stadium. It is our legal opinion that this is a fundamental flaw of the bidding process.
We have gone to the High Court to have the decision struck out. ”
Hearn said this is to protect Leyton Orient. Personally I feel this is another needless attack on West Ham and their attempt to take over the Stadium. There are question marks over whether West Ham can fill the £429 million stadium so there is no doubt that Leyton Orient will struggle to fill one stand.
It’s a real shame that this has carried on for so long and in my opinion as someone who is all for the West Ham move to the Stadium, it’s starting to leave a nasty taste in my mouth. It has taken to long and been dragged through the mud and it needs resolved whether its good or bad news for West Ham. I do feel that Hearn does not have a leg to stand on and that he is merely on a bitter vendetta against West Ham. The best comeuppance of the lot is that a lot of the O’s support is from fellow Hammer fans who go and show there support for Leyton Orient when West Ham play away and I know a lot of fans who currently do this have now vowed to stop going to support Orient.
If we had to ground share I think pulling out of the move would be the best option in my opinion.
Let’s hope this is resolved in quick time and West Ham can get back on with their inevitable move WITHOUT Leyton Orient to the Olympic Stadium.

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