The main award is of course Hammer of the Year and all players are up for this, in my opinion there are 3 real contenders. Mark Noble, Adrian and Tonks and they would all be suitable winners but all for different reasons. In terms of Noble he has been the most consistent player this season who always gives 100% in every game he plays. Adrian has come into the team this year and has won over every fan with his passion and fantastic goalkeeping. Tonks in the games he has played has been great with the exception of the Man United game at home I thought he was poor then but considering the injuries to Reid and Collins we are lucky to have had him. I think the majority of fans will choose Noble but it would be tougher if Tonks was more consistent and Adrian had the whole season.

Goal of the season, I don’t see any fans arguing over that, Morrison’s goal at spurs was pure class the only question with that is, if he’ll be there to get the recognition? Save of the season is a question of 2 halves, I think it will be a very close one and it will depend of how each individual fan felt it meant to the team at the time. For example Jussi at spurs, the game could of gone the other way if that went in or Adrian at Chelsea that was the game that kick started our run to help stay in the league.

Individual performance is again a tough one I would say not Diame v Fulham because everyone played a part in that great win and the same with Nolan v Swansea he scored 2 fantastic goals but the whole team dug deep to keep the result after the red card. I think it will be between Noble at Cardiff, he got a goal and worked so hard to keep the team in the game, or Adrian at Chelsea where the whole team withstood so much pressure to get a result and his saves made it feel like a win.

Through diversity there have been a lot of good team performances and all for different reasons. Both spurs wins were amazing for the club because of the rivalry between the teams but then there are performances like Cardiff away and Chelsea away and in the later we got the points against all odds because every player put in 100% and that’s the only game this season I can remember every player putting in 100%. At Cardiff we got a man sent off at 60 minutes and help on to get a fantastic team performance, so I’d pick between them two.

Signing of the season is the toughest choice for me between Adrian and Downing they both deserve it so so much because they have both had a big impact on the team. Adrian has won the hearts of all the fans and Downing has performed time after time and often been the stand out so I don’t know which way that will go. I would like Stewart to know the fans are so happy with his performances, Adrian knows because fans tell him almost every day on twitter.