Last week we assisted to a historical day for West Ham: From 2016 the club will move to the Olympic Stadium, Stratford for a 99 year deal. This mean that the squad will play in a new arena, new pitch, new atmopshere.
Our point of view, at least, for most of us, has always been against the move. We believe that West Ham have an identity, a history, a spirit that you can find only in the Boleyn Ground. Last Friday we felt that 112 history’s years have been deleted in a one hour press conference (by the way, we have discovered a new idol, the London’s mayor B. Johnson, very funny!).
However we’re aware of the fact that this move is too important for the club’s financial situation, a thing repeatedly emphasized by the two our co-owners, D. Sullivan and D. Gold. We know too, that maybe, West Ham can become the new Man City or Chelsea, he might struggle for the most important targets, both in PL that in Europe, we know that this move could convince a lot of important players to play for us, with high wages that, finally, don’t will represent an obstacle.
But, this is the way that we have to follow for have success?? Sell our soul to devil for some title? We don’t think so, but it’s also true that the only thing that we have to do is to keep faith in our co-owners, our vice-chairman, and maybe, from today to 2016, with a project to see, we change our opinion, but at this time, maybe, because we’re nostalgic of football that no longer exists, we’re really sad about the move from that which we consider our real home, Upton Park.
So, what we can do to make this less sad? Of course, we’ll bring the spirit of Upton Park in the new ground, we’re preparing a new flag on purpose, and this flag will be in every tour that we’ll make in the future. And our hope is that every single WHU supporter can make this, bring the Spirit of Upton Park everywhere after 2016, because, we know, but we think that all West Ham Family know it, that the Boleyn, in our heart will be our home, forever.