We’re coming from a bad sunday. We lost one of the most important London Derby at the Bridge, and,surely the facts of JT and Lampard have bothered, but at least, JT could save the provocations to our fans! This doesnt’ mean that we’re going down, Big Sam said yesterday that we have to reach 39 points for keep the category, and we think that our lads can get this easily. We think that we’re better than team like Wigan or Reading, so we’re not demoralized. Against Chelsea you can lose, but, in our opinion, we should get 3 points against WBA and Wigan. Indeed, we suppose, that if we win those matches, we could be sure that next year we’ll play against Man Utd or Man City again. It’s a really hard time, we’re missing top player like Nolan, Noble or Joe Cole, so we can only keep the faith and hope that good times are coming. It was a very unlucky season, too injuries, maybe in some matches if we had had a few players available, of course, we wouldn’t have lost. But, we don’t miss ever our trust in Big Sam, we’ll alway stay close to the team. Our support it will be there, away or at Boleyn. Especially, I want to do a special shout out to our 2 lads Diego and Luca, that they were present last sunday for Chelsea away, we’re proud of that.