2:15 PM: Unfortunately, that’s it from us here today at Rush Green this afternoon as David Moyes has now finished speaking to us on this exciting afternoon, thank you very much for tuning into our coverage and I hope that you have enjoyed it over the past two or so hours, please stay across all our Platforms for further reaction to this Press Conference and all of our build-up to Saturday’s FA Cup encounter with Wigan Athletic.

We will be back Live-Blogging early next week when the Gaffer speaks ahead of the London Stadium visit of Crystal Palace and then again, we hope, bringing you the game live and exclusive from London Stadium right here, we should be back in action before the affair with Brighton & Hove Albion also with yet one more Presser, until then, I’ve been your Host Reporter Luke Glanville live from Rush Green Training Ground, good afternoon and goodbye.

On The Chances Of Going All The Way In The Competition:

“I think every Competition you go in, you should attempt to try and win it, that’s a fact, I’ll definitely attempt to try and win it, but there’s a little bit of a caveat at the back of that, you know, we have a Premier League game on Tuesday night, we have another one again on Saturday and with the injuries we’ve got, it’s beginning to take its toll on us.

But, I’m positive, the team’s got a bit of momentum going at the moment I want to keep that going, I want to win again, I want to make sure that we and the players realise that it has got to be an all-time thing, not just something we do now and again and I hope we can do that”.

On The Form Of Wigan Athletic:

“I have, I’ve had the chance to see a bit and I probably will later on as well, so I hope that everybody realises that Wigan are a good side and playing good Football as well”.

On The Turnaround He Has Forged In East London:

“Well, the players have showed exactly what they can do, we’re demanding more of them and I’ve got to say, some of them have really done well and others have improved throughout the Squad.

So from that point of view, we’ve all got to work together, but we’re nowhere near the finishing line yet, we’ve got to keep the blinkers on, we’ve got to stay focused and get enough points to, as I said, be a Premier League club”.

On The Number Of Teams In The Relegation Battle:

“Yeah, the bottom half of the Premier League is as tight as I can remember really and there’s certainly nobody getting cut away at the moment, so we’ve got to try and keep ourselves away, even though we’re in a sort of healthy position today, we know that can be easily changed.

But, our focus at the moment is the game in the Cup, we want to try and concentrate in the Cup, we want to try and get a positive result, we’re in a good place we’ve had some good results, I thought that we had some good performances against Bournemouth at times in the game, so we want to try and build on that”.

On Whether He Was Watching Real Betis’ Fabian Ruiz:

“No, that wasn’t right, no”.

On His And Stuart Pearce’s Scouting Missions:

“So, Managers go out and watch games and they go to different Countries to watch the games, so we want to try and be as up-to-date as we possibly can be, so we go to a lot of games and yeah, we were at games yeah”.

On The Future Of Diafra Sakho:

“Yeah, we do, we need to keep our players but we’ll have to see if that changes at all”.

On The Future Of Andre Ayew:

“I think we’ve had an offer for Andre Ayew, but at the moment, the offer wouldn’t be accepted at this present time because of our situation, we wouldn’t be in a hurry to do anything”.

On The Future Of Javier Hernandez:

“Well, we’ve never at any time said that we want anybody to go, so what we’re doing is, if that’s what happens, then something comes up, then we’ll need to look at it, but nothing’s come up and as far as I’m concerned, we’re as we are”.

On Whether The Arnautovic And Lanzini Injuries Have Played A Part In Transfers:

“Yeah, they did, I wouldn’t say that it necessarily made me think that I need to bring in more attacking options, but it made me think that I need to get some players in, that’s not as easy as it says and it’s easy showing everyone what might happen.

But, it’s not easy to do, the Market’s not allowing it, there’s lots of clubs that might want our players as well and we’re not in a position to sell either, so from that point of view, you’re not expecting others clubs to do it either, so it’s actually quite difficult to get anything done, so we’ll have to see, but I’ve got to say, we’ve lost a few players and a few key players as well”.

On Whether It Will Be A Loan Move:

“Correct, yeah, correct”.

On Weather Rumours Of Joao Mario Having A Medical Today Are True:

“Your sources would be correct, well,  I’m not going to tell you that (what he will bring to the team) until until he’s done his Medical, so I think once we get the Medical out of the way, we will be able to tell you that, so hopefully we will be able to give you more news at the right time”.

On Whether Antonio, Fonte Or Reid Will Feature On Saturday:

“I don’t think any of them will be available, no”.

On The Injury Situation:

“There’s a few getting closer to coming back, Mikey Antonio’s doing a little bit of training, Jose Fonte’s doing a bit of training, so we’re getting one or two more back but as we go along because of the program.

But, every club’s the same, they’ve all had really difficult schedules over new year and the games are taking their toll and I think with now having Premier League midweek fixtures in January as well, it’s not easy as well certainly after FA Cup ties”.

On What It Would Mean To Reach The FA Cup Final:

“Well you can ask any club and they would all say the same thing, everybody would like that to happen, but there’s also a bigger picture that has to be looked at as well which is trying to make sure that we’re in this League we’re in, it’s the finances to it would be far greater than winning the Cup.

I do think that I’d like to win it, I’ve got to tell you that, and I’ve been to a Final so I know exactly what it feels like being there, so if it can happen again, great, but again, I have to reiterate the priority’s to make sure that we’re a Premier League club”.

On Whether The Upcoming Match Is A Chance To Rest Players:

“I’d like to say it was but I want to get through in the Cup, I want to try and get through if I can, but I think I’ve always said, the priority’s the Premier League, we have to make sure that we’re a Premier League club. there’s nothing more I’d like to give the supporters at West Ham would be a day out at Wembley in the Final if I could do”.

On Whether Haggis Is Good For Player’s Diets:

“Nah, but it is for the Staff, that’s for sure, don’t know about the players”.

On His Burns Night Celebrations:

“We are all having a bit of Haggis here at the Training Ground today, so it’s always good to get a bit of good Scottish food in you”.

1:42 PM: A slightly David Moyes has joined us here to speak, live quotes to follow………

1:25 PM: The clock is ticking down and the Rush Green Media Centre filling up nicely, Moyes will be arriving to speak here very soon, go nowhere.

1:20 PM: If you’re just joining us, the Irons Boss is scheduled to be addressing us in around 15 minutes’ time, at which point we will be bringing you live quotes, you won’t want to miss this one.

1:15 PM: The day’s big news story in some Media outlets has been the possible loan signing of Inter Milan’s Joao Mario, I’m sure there will be a question or two about him put to the Manager today, as well as plenty of other topics, less than 15 minutes to wait here.


1:10 PM: We are in position and waiting for the Gaffer, a fancy FA Cup wrap has replaced the usual board behind the Manager today.

1:05 PM: Grey skies over the Rush Green Media Centre today, it’s still fairly cold here in Rush Green.

1:00 PM: Good afternoon from a chilly Rush Green Training Ground, where we have arrived to bring you live coverage of David Moyes’ Pre-Wigan Athletic Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round Presser, first, I would like to thank you very much for joining us on this Thursday, I’m your Host Reporter Luke Glanville and you can follow me on Twitter @Glanville_Luke and the Site @MooreThanAClub.

You have definitely come to the right place this afternoon as we have a very interesting Press Conference ahead of us here, with recent Transfer speculation, recent injury speculation and of course, West Ham United trip to the DW Stadium in Football’s oldest Competition on Saturday afternoon, we have around 30 minutes to wait for the Hammers Boss to join us, we will have plenty for you between now and then, so stay with us.

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