2:10 PM: Unfortunately, that’s all we can bring you this afternoon from Rush Green Training Ground as the Hammers boss has now stopped speaking to the Media ahead of the visit of Gracia’s Hornets to the London Stadium tomorrow afternoon, I would like to thank you for joining us on this Friday and sincerely hope that you enjoyed all of our coverage of the Presser, especially to those of you who have been with us right from the start.

We also hope that you can join us once more from 1 PM GMT tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 10 February 2018), for yet another Live Blog, this time with live and exclusive build-up, text commentary and reaction from the Premier League clash between the Irons and the ‘Orns live from the London Stadium Press Box, you won’t want to miss that one, that’s for sure, in the meantime, I’ve been your Host Reporter Luke Glanville live from Rush Green, good afternoon and goodbye.

On The Chance To Boost Home Form Tomorrow:

“We’ve been OK at home, we’d like to do better, we’ve had a couple of draws at home recently which if we could have turned into wins, but in saying that, as long as we keep picking up points, that’s the big thing and not letting our rivals take points from us and we’ve got to try and make sure we keep doing that”.

On Marko Arnautovic Missing The Last Few Matches:

“Yeah, it’s been a miss for us because his form had been as good as any, maybe not as good in goal-scoring, but I think his overall performance for the team as a centre-forward has been fantastic and we’ve missed him, we really have.

“But, we’ve also missed Lanzini who I don’t talk about earlier actually, so we’ve missed those two players, they’ve been really important to us”.

On The Importance Of The Match:

“I think a lot of games are key, I think the key thing is to try and get the wins on the board and keep moving away, a good win gets us in the mid-table, gets us in a really solid position, if you lose then you’re back in amongst it, so that’s how tight the Premier League is at the moment.

“But, every club will be saying the same, all the managers will be saying the same so we’ve got to do the business and try and get those three points”.

On Whether The Hornets Have Been Boosted By Their New Manager:

“I’m sure the new manager will be having an impact, I know Javi from Malaga and I’m sure he will, but I think sometimes, things can change, Football Clubs can change with the change, but Watford have had quite a few managers over the years, so they’ll know if it works for their cub, that’s the best way for them to work”.

On The Change In Watford Under Javier Gracia:

“I think Watford were a decent team, if you look at them at the start of the season, I think you’d have to say that for the opening what three months of the season, four months, they were right up there with everybody else, right at the top.

“I think they had a sort of middle spell where they didn’t do quite so well but overall, I think they were seen as a good side right from the start of the season”.

On Whether He Was Surprised By Watford’s Beating Of Chelsea:

“Of course because you don’t expect the sides at the top to lose heavily, they can lose, we earlier in the season, beat Chelsea about a month or so as well so I’d have to say that Watford, Watford done a really good job, played well against them and caused Chelsea a lot of problems”.

On Whether He Has Had To Up Anything In Training:

“No, I’ve just had to correct things and get things right and back on track and what we want and hopefully, in the main, we’ve been on a pretty good run, I want to try and keep it going”.

On Whether The Players Will Need To Respond From Brighton:

“Well, the players have responded really well since day one, so I think that we didn’t play well at Brighton, we know that, but I’ve got to say that the response of the players have given since we’ve come in has been great.

“Their attitude, their effort, their commitment in all the games has been really good and we’ve had some big wins, so we need another big win against Watford”.

On Whether Antonio Or Arnautovic Will Be Back For The Game:

“Getting closer, getting closer, hmm, getting closer”.

On Injury News Ahead Of The Clash:

“Look, we’re getting people back, we’re getting folk a bit closer to fitness and Michy Antonio’s done a bit more training this week, so’s Marko Arnautovic has done a bit of training this week, but hopefully we’re getting much closer to getting the players available. Winston Reid’s had a bit of throat infection, apart from that, I think we’re getting a little more like it”.

On The Further Extent Of Pedro Obiang’s Injury:

“Hopefully it might not be the season but he’s had a repair to his medial ligament and more than likely, that will probably keep him out for most of the season, who knows? We might get him back just before the end, but probably not, he’s still in Madrid at the moment after his operation”.

On Whether The Gossip Annoyed Him:

“No, not at all, not at all”.

On The Rumours About His Departure From East London:

“I’ve said from the start, there’s no point in asking me about a contract or asking the club about a contract before the end of the season because I’ll not be discussing it, the club won’t be and from that point of view, we’ll wait till the end of the season, everybody’s in the same agreement, so I don’t know where the story came from, but that’s all I know”.

On Whether He Would Be Happy With Him Doing It At West Ham:

“No, I wouldn’t be happy with him doing that but I think when you heard what the supporter said to him then you would understand it what would be the answer”.

On Whether He Has Concerns On The Way He Left France:

 “No, not what he told me, not what he told me and he told me what happened, so none at all and actually, I think it just shows you as well that he’ll stand up for himself and he’s not going to take anything.

“So, from that point of view, when he told me what the supporter said to him, I’d have no complaints about what he done”.

On Whether He Will Feature Against The Hornets:

“Yeah, there’s a chance yeah, he’s not far away, he’s not far away in my eyes because I think he’s been training and look, he played in November for Marseille, so he’s no different from somehow who’s maybe had a longish injury, maybe a 10 or 12 week injury, so I think getting back playing sometimes as quick as you can is the best thing you can do”.

On Why Evra Was Needed:

“Well, we’ve needed him for the cover because Arthur’s been out with the suspension, we’ve got nobody else on the left side, if we lost Aaron Cresswell we’d be short a player, so we’ve got him here to play, we like all his other qualities but we’ve got him here to play and we’ll hopefully get him ready as quick as we possibly can and see if he’s ready to play”.

On Evra’s Leadership Qualities And What They Will Bring:

“I think every club wants leadership, I think you can never get enough of it, I think we’ve got some good leaders here, I think Mark Noble does a really good job, for instance, you James Collins, you know Reidy, I think we’ve got people who do good jobs, but I think the more you’ve got the better”.

On The Signing Of Evra:

“Well, I’d considered him during the month of January as well because, when I knew that Arthur got sent-off I thought we were going to be short, but just because we were so busy looking at other players, we didn’t do it in January, so when the Window closed it was a bit calmer and we could get it done.

“But, I know Pat well, I know what he’s capable of, I know his leadership qualities and what he’ll bring to the Dressing Room and also, his level of professionalism I think’s as good as anybody’s and he’s seen and worked for the best, so hopefully that will rub off and pass it onto the players”.

1:34 PM: A slightly late David Moyes has joined us here, live quotes to follow…………..

1:25 PM: Thank you for waiting patiently with us so far, Moyes is scheduled to address us in around five minutes, when he gets here, we will have live quotes for you.

1:20 PM: Expected topics of discussion for the Irons manager this afternoon could include injury news ahead of tomorrow’s clash with Watford, the first Premier League defeat of 2018 last time out at Brighton & Hove Albion and of course new signing Patrice Evra, go nowhere.

1:15 PM: A mere 15 more minutes left to wait for Moyes here, the Media Centre is filling up nicely and atmosphere building, stay with us.


1:10 PM: At least it’s nice and cosy here in the Media Centre, we are in position and the gaffer should be joining us in around 20 minutes.

1:05 PM: Grey skies are hanging above Rush Green this afternoon, the temperatures have really dropped here.

1:00 PM: Good afternoon from a very wet and rainy Rush Green Training Ground where we have arrived to bring you live coverage of David Moyes’ Pre-Watford Presser this afternoon, I’m your Host Reporter Luke Glanville and I would like to start by thanking you for joining us on this Friday, you can follow me on Twitter if you wish @Glanville_Luke and the Site @MooreThanAClub.

We have arrived a half-hour to wait until the West Ham United boss addresses us here in the Media Centre, when he arrives, we will be bringing you his live quotes, before then, we will have plenty of build-up for you and after that, plenty of reaction to the Press Conference, so you can rest assured that you’ve come to the right place today, it is poised to be an interesting one before the visit of the Hornets to the London Stadium tomorrow, so make sure you stay with us.

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